Thursday, May 27, 2010


#15 Noro Catwalk two Jenny Watson; Yarn/Qualité: Noro Silk Garden Sock (4); Needles/Aiguilles 3 mm; Notions/Fournitures: button - bouton; Gauge/Tension: oops! - je l'ai manqué...

Noro feels quite nice after a Wet Blocking session aka bubble bath. It feels like homespun to me. A heavier cardigan than I expected from a sock yarn and I did not get the gauge right at all. Boo. It might even be too big for me (as far as hoping it would be more tailored) but hanging in the shop, it oozes inspiration and that makes it all worth while. I must say, this Jenny Watson Catwalk book two is full of lovely patterns and I thought this cardi using only 4 balls was a great incentive while knitting the left front three times by which I managed to finally get the stitch count right...cough.

I made a few minor modifications. I could not bring myself to put ribbing on Pebbles. Nope. The garter stitch frill that I LOVE made it impossible to add any ribbing at all. I used garter stitch on the sleeve edges and the button band. Buttonless in the photo. Gasp!
I did not pick up the amount of stitches required for the band in the pattern either...I simply picked up one stitch of every row and increased 12 stitches evenly spaced on both fronts on the row after the button hole to help it lie flat. It was an idea that actually worked! I have no clue what button I will sew on but I made a two stitch hole in anticipation. I used a single 4 mm Dpn to cast off to control my tension. Perfecto!
I only matched the sleeves...the rest I left up to chance. My way of stating that people should learn to relax with self striping yarn. There, I said it!

Alors, j'ai fini le Noro Cardi. Il est effectivement un peu trop large...j'ai raté la tension...j'esperais que ce cardi soit plus léger mais après un bon bain et repassage...cette laine est quand même agréable et ce vêtement sera très utile à l'automne.
Mes modifications sont aucun points de côte...non merci! J'adore ce volant en pt mousse alors j'ai choisi d'incorporer ce pt mousse au détail de la manche ainsi que la boutonnière. D'ailleurs, ça fait très Bergère après tout!
Je n'ai pas suivit à la lettre la recette pour la bordure devant...j'ai tout simplement relevé une maille par rang et j'ai dû augmenter 6 mailles le long de chaque pièce devant (espacées également) après la boutonnière pour éviter qu'il se gondole.
TRUC! Une aiguille double pointe 4 mm m'a bien servit pour contrôler ma tension lorsque je m'appliquais à rabattre les mailles de la bordure devant.
Un petit mot pour ce qui concerne les rayures...j'ai agencé les manches mais le reste...que sera sera! Je ne suis pas à cheval de l'idée que tout doit être symétrique lorsqu'on tricote de la laine à moitif. On doit apprendre à ce calmer un peu. Ça fait du bien de l'dire. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home sweet home

Besides knitting on my blanket of snow throw, one rectangle at a time...I tried to make pasties on my day off from the shop this past Monday.

I used Fairysteps Onion & Cheese Pasties recipe from her blog. I was confused with the british measurements at first since I use cups of flours instead of lbs and grams of cheese instead of Ounces so what I did was 1/3 of the Tenderflake recipe which is 2 cups of flour and 1/3 cup of the brick of lard (I omitted the butter...saving it for popcorn!). I bought 300g of PC 5 year old Canadian Cheddar and used 200g roughly 2\3 of it. Three potatoes and two onions  all grated in my Mums really old Food Processor. Man, that thing is old! I remember Mum using it to make Onion Pie when I was kid...

I was so excited that I forgot the egg! I realized it after I shut the oven door. Gasp! I have a lot of pie making experience so I rescued the pastry unwrapped them one by one and returned the filling to my big bowl and added one small free range egg from my own chicken coop. Following Ren's recipe as closely as possible feels good. I brushed them with milk; wasn't sure about this either but I sort of remember my cousins Mum doing this with her homemade bread so I risked it and it worked. I peeled an extra potatoe that I decided not to use so I rubbed the pieces with olive oil and added my favorite African Heat spice mixure to have a side order of fries.
Hubby is away on business so the kids and I ate these with some corn of the cob for dinner. I realized I forgot to add salt the the mixture too so they were 'good' but really excellent the next day warmed under the broiler for lunch after the flavours mingled together over night in the fridge. I realized I made them wayyy too big! Smaller ones next time, hee!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

1 year already and other good things~Déjà un an

I can't believe it but a whole year has gone by already! I was too busy chatting with knitters to notice...!
Looking at my new photos of the shop taken this morning, I marvel at how much things have changed around here in just a year.

I am so pleased to meet so many passionate knitters and crocheters everyday. I couldn't ask for a better job.

Hé, déjà un an!! Mais que s'a beaucoup changé ici! Et je suis toujours aussi heureuse d'être la propriétaire d'une petite boutique de laine. Un rêve pour moi!

Harley H. wins the smallest customer award....She recently turned 1 too!! 

Voici la gagnante du concours de la plus petite cliente de la boutique...Ouf! que cette pelote est lourde et les aiguilles bulky sont longues!! .....:)

My beautiful Chloé turned 10 today! A yarn shop is exactly where a knitter wants to spend a birthday right?
 Bonne fête ma belle Pepper...XXXX

Of course I have been knitting like a fiend...I decided to tackle the #15 Noro Catwalk cardi. I am finishing the second sleeve pronto or at least that is what I keep telling myself. I love skinny yarn but it does slow a girl down...
J'ai presque terminé mon nouveau cardi. Cette fois je tricote du Noro Silk Garden Sock, le modèle  #15 du livre Catwalk. J'apprécie bien les manches courtes et romantiques de ce modèle.

I really like the short sleeves for this model...see the gathered sleeve cap? Cute as ever!
I love to stock lots of gorgeous baby yarns (why not?) and look see what's newly ordered for September....
Sirdar Snuggly snowball. A fun pom-pom on string type of baby yarn with patterns to make lots of accessories and soft as a cloud blankets for babies.

J'ai tendance à garder plusieurs laines pour bébés en boutique et voici une nouvelle qualité dont je crac de Sirdar...un brin de mignons pom-poms tous douces à venir en septembre.

Cheers! Ting-Ting!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The classic

For the love of garter stitch and stranded knitting, I finished these slippers and don't they look fabulous?
I found the free pattern on Ravelry under Phentex slippers for those of you in the mood for some stash busting toe warming.

Another FO feels good. I have lots of left over yarn from these two skeins of Galway and think some mini slippers would be cute.

The buying of Fall and Winter yarn has begun. Hiccup! I have added Misti Alpaca and Mango Moon to my line up.

The shop will be closed for a month in late summer to take a break and be with my family at the cottage. Freshen up just in time for the big big rush of Fall, I expect the place will be humming.


Voilà le classique pantoufle épis de maïs tricoté avec une pure laine. J'adore le point mousse et la technique à deux couleurs croisées ce qui donne une semelle coussineuse comme un nuage. J'ai trouvé ce veux patron classique par Ravelry sous le titre 'Phentex Slippers' et il est déjà traduit en français! Il me reste encore beaucoup de métrages de ces deux pelotes Galway alors je prévois de chaussons bébé à venir.

Il est déjà le temps de choisir mes nouvelles laines pour l'automne/hiver...! Alors, je suis heureuse d'annoncer que j'ai ajouté Misti Alpaca et Mango Moon à la boutique pour Septembre. J'aimerais aussi mentionner que je prends congé pour un mois vers la fin de l'été cette année pour passer du temps avec la marmaille au chalet, youpi!