Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Écharpe Vitrail

Based on the free Berroco pattern Chakna. This reminds me of a church window...I used two yarns to make this. A multi gem tone ribbon (Elba) for the centers and a strand of black (Comfort worsted). The pattern is simple using 5 mm straights and makes a stunning scarf to tuck into a black raincoat. I used a crochet hook to tidy up the edges with single crochet (at lib) to frame the piece. I think you could combine any two yarns to make this. The ribbon provides a generous dose of drape and I really like the sparkle of it.


Écharpe tricoté avec un brin de ruban multi-color (Elba) et un brin de noir (Comfort Worsted). Ce patron inspiré par Chakna de Berroco. J'ai gardé mes notes en français pour celles qui seraient intéressées. Tricoter avec aig n. 5 mm et un crochet n. 5 mm pour les mailles sérrés de chaque côté. J'aime bien le drapé et l'éclat de cette pièce grâce au ruban.

Monday, March 15, 2010 je Crac!

Very special pair of socks for yours deary...
Seccotine kindly gifted me this very beautiful skein of Québec's own Biscotte & Cie, Bella in the Crac colourway at Christmas. She made a lucky choice for me because I love orange too! (Gros Merci !!)
I jumped the queue big time to knit these babies. My son had to spend a few five hours at emergency recently and I decided to sooth my nerves with this very yum yarn and set of 2.5 mm Dpns. I think I shocked the nurses...
I couldn't put these down each evening since (I love the colour so much!) much so that poor Pounie had a little accident on the floor near my seat since I had to get just one more row (you know you knit too much when...) Oops. I was so eager to get a shot of these today that I put them on soggy while the sun was still beaming through the windows...(you know you are a little cracked when...) and my next knit is blocking its heart out as we type...

Chaussette à la bergère...laine-Biscotte & Cie, Bella (Crac), aig 2,5 mm, 'toe up' (dit dont, y a-t-il un expression en français pour ça?) talon en pt mousse et rangs racourcis.
J'ai commencé ce projet à l'urgence lorsque mon fils attendait pour voir un médecin voulais quelques chose de soulageant pendant ces heures d'attente. J'apprécie beaucoup cette laine que Seccotine m'a offerte en cadeau ce Noel dernier...Gros Merci (encore et encore). Cela était pour moi comme un câlin réconfortant d'une amie pendant ces heures d'inquiètude. J'aime bien que cette laine soit fait au Québec. La teinture est extraordinaire and un vrai plaisir pour les doigts de fées.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My latest knit...
Lace up Opera gloves by Ysolda
Yarn: Berroco Blackstone tweed
Needles: 5 mm
Black ribbon for laces
One very pleased 16 yr old...Happy Birthday Ivy-Lory!!

Merci Sel & Poivre for this new award! A. xx

Seven things about moi:

1. I am very interested in NAMES and naming things...I'm always dying to know what your pet or child's name is.
2. I love to read really thick novels and prefer historic with a sprinkle of romance that take me at least 6 months to savour.
3. I've always wanted a telescope.
4. I love beautiful bags and get heart skippy when I see them (have to try hard not to buy them all).
5. I am really way too sensitive for my own good. Trying to cure this...
6. I would love-love-love to write excellent French...some day!
7. My favorite snack is homemade popcorn with melted butter and good tasting yeast.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Moitié dehors et moitié dedans...

Patron: Gumdrops par JC Briar Blue Moon Fibre Arts
Aiguilles n 2.25

- la passionnée du fil a réussit la paire de chaussettes 'Gumdrops' à la STR...(socks that rocks-Blue Moon Fibre Arts Sock Club).

J'ai toujours mon club à tricoter de l'année passé; moins cette première paire de jolies chaussettes aux couleurs pastels très hors du quotidien bergère...

J'aime bien ce doux relief avec le cachet du talon et la pointe au pts. mousse! bientôt je CRAC!

Gumdrops by JC Briar - STR Blue Moon Fibre Arts Sock Club
Needles 2.25 mm

Circumlocation office called...this pattern was 9 pages! Cast-on page 6...but I figured it out and am very pleased with my first pair of STR socks from last years sock club. The yarn was too special to knit right away (you know what I mean?) but I have gotten over that now and this is VOILÀ my first of 6 kits done.

I love the garter stitch heel and toe on these nearly reversible socks.
This colourway is totally reminiscent of my entire wardrobe back in 1985...