Monday, February 22, 2010

À pas feutrés...

Avec grand plaisir, je marche avec ma chienne le long de la piste qui nous mène sur la bay et donc plus loin est la rivière Outaouais chez nous...

Comme il fait beau! La température est un doux -2 degré. Aucun vent...

I've been happily inspired by nature today...very glad to have Poune*tanesca as an excuse to go for a walk. The weather is GORGEOUS today. We headed out along the path that leads to the bay and our fishing hut.
Voici notre cabane de pêche remisée sur la rive pour l'année...
Hier, la petite famille à participer au dernier tournoi. J'ai sorti deux perchaudes! Il fesait beaucoup plus froid hier et heureusement, il y a à l'intérieur un fabuleux poêle à bois minuscule pour me réchauffer les pieds et oui mes fesses!

Len has parked the ice fishing hut on shore as of yesterday. It is over for another year...we had our last family catch and release fishing expedition yesterday. I caught 2 perch! It was much colder too, thanks to the tiny wood stove where you can warm your feet and in my case...a bum!
Allant plus loin sur la piste du trapeur (notre voisin). Il dit avoir traper 23 coyotes cette année parmi tant d'autres espèces pour leur fourrures. Pour vu que je ne voie jamais un coyote sur mon chemin...aye!

Our neighbour caught 23 coyotes this winter...I never see any...I like it better that way.
Les petits fruits rouges suspendus aux branches me donnent un coup de coeur à chaque fois! Je ne me tanne point de les photographier.

I adore these branches of red berries. I never get tired of capturing them for my collection of photos.
Et donc, de jolis champignons pour le déco de la forêt.
Nous partageons notre chez nous avec les castors. Qu'ils font de merveilleux taille-crayons...

Simple beauty...the beaver have been busy! Nibbling trees, year after year...
Bon, alors tout ça sans un mot de m'inspire de la nature aujourd'hui. Nous avons passé quelques semaines d'enfer à être malade l'un après l'autre alors mon tricot avance à peine. Je réalise que je dois garder un projet à la boutique séparé des projets à la maison. Je mêne une double vie! Mes laines pré-boutique doivent être utilisées à part. Plusieurs ne sont pas disponible à ma boutique hé hé...

Présentement, je m'encourage à vous écrire un peu en français...nous ne sommes pas tous bilingues!

It would be a shame to sit and knit when a glorious day falls on my day off! Besides, Poune and I need to have some quality time together too...

Back to my current sock projects at home...I lead a double life as a shop keeper. I feel my post-yarn shop stash needs to be knit in private and my shop knitting is best to represent what I currently sell. All this makes for slow progress. I do have some fabulous yarn in both places so it is a win win.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The OKG field trip

OKG - Ottawa Knitting Guild of which I am a member has organized a field trip to the Québec side of  the river. Visiting my new yarn shop was the first stop!

Thank you to the ladies that came, shopped and for all the lovely comments about the *nice atmosphere*. Awww. XXX

Business is flourishing! I am adding new items on a regular basis. I now have handmade stitch markers from Turtlepurl, new Charteze, secure eyes for toy making and skeins of lace for those summer projects.

Some delicious Berroco Seduce and Bonsai for the *bling* knitting!!

Sheila was the winner of my draw for a thank you gift (an ebony shawl pin).

Some customers have returned with finished projects to blog about...

A beautiful shawl and a long gorgeous wrap made with novelty yarns.

The Fress Press Knits felted slipper pattern has arrived too! The one that is all the rage since Christmas...

Bonne fin de semaine! A. xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart Skippy

Cher&Tendre delivered the new magazine rack. I love the fresh wood smell.
It looks fab and O so practical to have all my patterns in the one sunny spot by the big window...whooo!

I always have a few little favours to ask of him when he comes like fix this and lift that. Fun to get things fixed, moved and refreshed. We had lunch together something we shared for years when I was a full time Mum and now it is a rare treat. Merci Honey!

Some baby buttons have just arrived too...

Should I join the Knitting Olympics? Finishing any knitting around here is a challenge and I do have more projects in mind than I'll ever knit this year...hummm


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

**making the best of it**

Along with my new *working Mum* status, I end up doing several weekend loads of laundry. (I signed up for this - the joy) Always one to look on the bright side or find the silver lining...I decided to do some feltable knitting to pass the time waiting...while everybody else is out playing. Who needs a holiday? That's sissy stuff.
My friend Suzanne asked me to make her a new pair of slippers. I jumped at the chance to make these for her. She is a special friend that needs a cozy warm pair of Marmee Slippers to rest her sore feet when she gets home.
I knew these would be perfect! I made a pair at Christmas that turned out grand. Fool proof felting is the way to go.
On the other hand...
I was never so happy as to be finished knitting these clod hoppers!! (low whistle) Cripes these are huge! I had a bad feeling about this pattern. I was too chicken to cut short on the length because you can't unfelt the buggers once they have visited the hot soapy aggitator.
All is well, drying by the wood burner on Sunday afternoon....and the black ones were absolutely too big. I did trim the toes back with scissors and the sewing maching many inches to fit my husbands size 10 feet. I am giving these to Dan the friend that came and configured my router for me...set my wirelessness straight...I am forever thankful...After two loads of laundry, these slippers are perfect too. Ahhh... Now, on to some Top Secret birthday and toddler knitting.