Sunday, December 26, 2010

tout est calme....

A little knitting for Christmas got done.
Slippers for Olivier (Ivy's special someone)...just in time because his dog ate his old pair today. Nice timing.

Too big for my feet!

On the 25th, I made a cheese ball and baked a tourtière in the wood oven while I treated myself to a visit with my winter Marie Claire Idée magazine collection. It never gets old...
I have to keep turning the pie to brown it evenly in the antique wood oven. So Worth it!

This year I wanted to make gingerbread dolls instead of the classic gingies. It was fun searching for the page that inspired me...
Fell in love with this photo!
Used parchment paper to trace the doll shape and a sharp knife to cut them out one by one.

Too pretty to eat!
Some day I hope to buy a set of these dolls. I love them!! I have even seen knitted stacking dolls in a book...maybe one day.

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