Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rinkable days

Our abode is situated on a 7 acre strip of land that goes from the highway 148 all the way to Molson Bay along the Outaouais River on the Québec side.
At the end of a small field the land drops down several meters to another small field below at water level.

very steep path
 As it turns out, this little place is heaven for ice fishermen.

At this time of the year HD watches the barometer like a child watches a batch of cookies baking in the oven. Once the temperature dips down far enough on consecutive nights we know that the shalow bay is good and solid for the first trip onto the ice. The river is still dangerous and by all means you have to use your good sense. But, at this time of year, it is perfect for a skating rink on the bay before the heavy snow and the wild wind blows your face off. The skating rink does not last long. It is based on luck really.

Last year we got one good day of skating before the temp creeped back up and the neighbour came along and walked on the rink leaving deep prints that made it impossible to use again. Grrr.

This bump nearby is actually a beaver house! Don't get nosy because the ice is weak around it. They are hot little creatures.
So on my day off this week, me and my son Gazou (oops! I am not suppose to call him that anymore, he is a big boy now...) I mean, Gage and I spent a couple of hours on the annual gift rink. 
Must knit this boy a proper wool olympic sweater...

I love my new outdoor skates with the wool lining!

The river is rather high this year and the water has flooded up to the place where we station our fishing cabin during the summer. It has a little stove in there that one could use to boil up a few mugs of heat. I just might try this if the weather keeps giving us these perfect rinkable days of December.

And after you are good and frozen and exhausted, you must climb this!


Hilary said...

That looks so incredibly fun! A natural ice rink...what a beautiful pre-Christmas gift!

Donna said...

You look so happy on your skates! Looking forward to the bird on Sunday.