Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Les étoiles brillent ce soir!

The annual Christmas party au Château was fabulous (again).
Donna and I at cocktail hour.
The picture of happiness!

As promised, here is a snap of me in the twinkle dress in our room when we were gabbing up a storm before the party began.

I was going to have a better photo of the dress but my *** batteries died on the spot. Boo.

Here are the shoes the next morning... after I charged those *** batteries! I could not get them back on my poor feet for a proper pix.

Imagine this knitter doing 3 hours of dancing in these! I've had three babies so I know I'm a tough old bird but this was a little nuts.

It wasn't until the next morning in one of the gift shops that I came across those nifty travel flats for such emergencies...oh well!

I did take them off and crawled tiptoed in stocking feet to the room after the dancing...

A few rows of mitten in the lobby before brunch where I met another knitter on her 10th December trip to the Château.

She was working on a gorgeous red blanket that I haven't been able to get off my mind since... I can't wait to finish my own wool blanket.

The food was fabulous. I managed to stay away from broccoli...which makes me very ill.
I loved my Canard confit, the goat cheese... the creamy mashed potatoes and that mushroom sauce....!!!

Thank you FSC for the lovely weekend, and my sister Donna for including me. XX

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Hilary said...

Hey there, hot mama! You look fabulous! I love your hair and the dress and heels are to die for! 3 hours dancing...I'm impressed. Sounds like you had an amazing time!!