Friday, December 17, 2010

Knitting by the big fireplace tonight

My teenager has a special someone this Christmas and as luck would have it, he loves anything handknit. This ones a keeper! So Ivy asked me to make him a new pair of slippers for Xmas. I am cranking out a last minute pair for Oli this week. I was hoping Ivy would break out the needles and knit her own boyfriend gift but apparently it's my thing not hers...

I finished the Coco Cloche. Tried it on. Took pictures. Wore it home. Asked HD what his impressions were. He said 'it looks old', he meant the style of a nice way... I was not offended because the style is about 80 years... but it was too big! I was afraid the wind would take it off my head in one gust. It did not have the much coveted 'cloche' aspect I was aiming for. So the next morning, I frogged it. I have a plan of attack all mapped out for the next one...I still love the yarn despite it being cranky stuff.
Tonight is the big office party at the Château in Montebello. My sister invites me every year and we bring our knitting to sit by the fireplace near the giant tree. The camera with me this time!
I've decided to wear my green Citron with my little black dress...hope I don't fall down the stairs in those heels...eeee!
Ali xx


Camille said...

Le plaisir est au rendez-vous!!!!!! :)
Je vous souhaites de belles fêtes à toi et ta famille!!!
Clamille xoxo

Hilary said...

A boy who loves handknits?! Definitely a keeper! I hope you had a wonderful time at the party! Please post photos...I bet you looked fabulous in your black dress and Citron (yay!!)!