Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Les cloches sonnent

I should get the Coco Cloche knit today. I am starting the decreases...still holding my breath because this yarn is testy. Gorgeous but difficult.
It feels really soft and warm so I hope to have it finished for this weekends trip to the Château. Can't wait to get there!

There was a strike in Europe and the Katia yarn company has been experiencing some difficulties getting yarn over the pond to all the crazed-for-frills knitters...

This is a swatch of the Rizos that I do have in stock. Two colours...back orders to be filled soon.

I am all excited about the new Yarn Harlot pattern. Encompass. I carry the yarn for this one! Whoo! It is uber soft and lush... I am huge fan so this is fun.

This is for Jean... A great link to see the Marie-Claire Idée magazine online. I love this ! I can sit and watch the computer flip the pages for me while I knit. I've been thinking alot about my love for this mag. I go through my whole collection of it every Christmas holiday.

I am also getting a little excited about January 1st, 2011. I love that day. The first day of a new year and endless possibilities. I think I want to order a special knit in 2011. A Bohus sweater kit or an Alice Starmore one...or both!


Hilary said...

Oh, you should definitely order a Bohus kit as a special treat for 2011! A Bohus takes a long time but is soooo rewarding! Your hat looks so squishy and warm...and cute!

Anonymous said...

Salut Aline,

J'ai fini mon chapeau en jacquard pour mon mari. Il est réussi car mon mari le porte tous les jours. Joyeuses Fêtes à toi et ta famille.