Sunday, December 26, 2010

tout est calme....

A little knitting for Christmas got done.
Slippers for Olivier (Ivy's special someone)...just in time because his dog ate his old pair today. Nice timing.

Too big for my feet!

On the 25th, I made a cheese ball and baked a tourtière in the wood oven while I treated myself to a visit with my winter Marie Claire Idée magazine collection. It never gets old...
I have to keep turning the pie to brown it evenly in the antique wood oven. So Worth it!

This year I wanted to make gingerbread dolls instead of the classic gingies. It was fun searching for the page that inspired me...
Fell in love with this photo!
Used parchment paper to trace the doll shape and a sharp knife to cut them out one by one.

Too pretty to eat!
Some day I hope to buy a set of these dolls. I love them!! I have even seen knitted stacking dolls in a book...maybe one day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rinkable days

Our abode is situated on a 7 acre strip of land that goes from the highway 148 all the way to Molson Bay along the Outaouais River on the Québec side.
At the end of a small field the land drops down several meters to another small field below at water level.

very steep path
 As it turns out, this little place is heaven for ice fishermen.

At this time of the year HD watches the barometer like a child watches a batch of cookies baking in the oven. Once the temperature dips down far enough on consecutive nights we know that the shalow bay is good and solid for the first trip onto the ice. The river is still dangerous and by all means you have to use your good sense. But, at this time of year, it is perfect for a skating rink on the bay before the heavy snow and the wild wind blows your face off. The skating rink does not last long. It is based on luck really.

Last year we got one good day of skating before the temp creeped back up and the neighbour came along and walked on the rink leaving deep prints that made it impossible to use again. Grrr.

This bump nearby is actually a beaver house! Don't get nosy because the ice is weak around it. They are hot little creatures.
So on my day off this week, me and my son Gazou (oops! I am not suppose to call him that anymore, he is a big boy now...) I mean, Gage and I spent a couple of hours on the annual gift rink. 
Must knit this boy a proper wool olympic sweater...

I love my new outdoor skates with the wool lining!

The river is rather high this year and the water has flooded up to the place where we station our fishing cabin during the summer. It has a little stove in there that one could use to boil up a few mugs of heat. I just might try this if the weather keeps giving us these perfect rinkable days of December.

And after you are good and frozen and exhausted, you must climb this!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Les étoiles brillent ce soir!

The annual Christmas party au Château was fabulous (again).
Donna and I at cocktail hour.
The picture of happiness!

As promised, here is a snap of me in the twinkle dress in our room when we were gabbing up a storm before the party began.

I was going to have a better photo of the dress but my *** batteries died on the spot. Boo.

Here are the shoes the next morning... after I charged those *** batteries! I could not get them back on my poor feet for a proper pix.

Imagine this knitter doing 3 hours of dancing in these! I've had three babies so I know I'm a tough old bird but this was a little nuts.

It wasn't until the next morning in one of the gift shops that I came across those nifty travel flats for such emergencies...oh well!

I did take them off and crawled tiptoed in stocking feet to the room after the dancing...

A few rows of mitten in the lobby before brunch where I met another knitter on her 10th December trip to the Château.

She was working on a gorgeous red blanket that I haven't been able to get off my mind since... I can't wait to finish my own wool blanket.

The food was fabulous. I managed to stay away from broccoli...which makes me very ill.
I loved my Canard confit, the goat cheese... the creamy mashed potatoes and that mushroom sauce....!!!

Thank you FSC for the lovely weekend, and my sister Donna for including me. XX

Friday, December 17, 2010

Knitting by the big fireplace tonight

My teenager has a special someone this Christmas and as luck would have it, he loves anything handknit. This ones a keeper! So Ivy asked me to make him a new pair of slippers for Xmas. I am cranking out a last minute pair for Oli this week. I was hoping Ivy would break out the needles and knit her own boyfriend gift but apparently it's my thing not hers...

I finished the Coco Cloche. Tried it on. Took pictures. Wore it home. Asked HD what his impressions were. He said 'it looks old', he meant the style of a nice way... I was not offended because the style is about 80 years... but it was too big! I was afraid the wind would take it off my head in one gust. It did not have the much coveted 'cloche' aspect I was aiming for. So the next morning, I frogged it. I have a plan of attack all mapped out for the next one...I still love the yarn despite it being cranky stuff.
Tonight is the big office party at the Château in Montebello. My sister invites me every year and we bring our knitting to sit by the fireplace near the giant tree. The camera with me this time!
I've decided to wear my green Citron with my little black dress...hope I don't fall down the stairs in those heels...eeee!
Ali xx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Les cloches sonnent

I should get the Coco Cloche knit today. I am starting the decreases...still holding my breath because this yarn is testy. Gorgeous but difficult.
It feels really soft and warm so I hope to have it finished for this weekends trip to the Château. Can't wait to get there!

There was a strike in Europe and the Katia yarn company has been experiencing some difficulties getting yarn over the pond to all the crazed-for-frills knitters...

This is a swatch of the Rizos that I do have in stock. Two colours...back orders to be filled soon.

I am all excited about the new Yarn Harlot pattern. Encompass. I carry the yarn for this one! Whoo! It is uber soft and lush... I am huge fan so this is fun.

This is for Jean... A great link to see the Marie-Claire Idée magazine online. I love this ! I can sit and watch the computer flip the pages for me while I knit. I've been thinking alot about my love for this mag. I go through my whole collection of it every Christmas holiday.

I am also getting a little excited about January 1st, 2011. I love that day. The first day of a new year and endless possibilities. I think I want to order a special knit in 2011. A Bohus sweater kit or an Alice Starmore one...or both!