Friday, November 19, 2010


I ran out of time yesterday to take more pictures of this so bare with me through a dual-post of the same hat.
I really like the way the center top turned out. All swirly and amazing like frost on the windows.

You see, I decreased the top all the while switching back and forth with the colours.

I tried to keep track of the pattern to share it with you but dagg-nammit I had to wing it all the way.

Got lazy and just enjoyed the closing number.

I did have to rip back once and give the hat a bit more height to cover my ears. It that point I remembered that my sister has a longer nogging than me anyway... and once ripped back; lost track of me notes.

So there it is, my new ski hat to go with the fair isle mittens I will get back to by fighting the urge to cast-on two more balls of this discounted yarn to have another go at writing the pattern in blue and white...;)

BTW, I am using this project to teach a class on fair isle technique. I hope nobody asks for the hat recipe.


Hilary said...

Oh, I think you can expect people to ask for the pattern! It's a great hat...I'm so impressed that you just improvised it!

Gothika said...

Wow le melange des couleurs est super, j'espere que le patron va etre bientot disponible!

Jean said...

The hat looks toasty warm, must be very handy your area.