Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On being blue...

I finally made it to the finish line with one of my thorn-in-my-side long standing sewing projects.
I loooove this linen fabric soooo much that I waited years to be *good enough* at fitting a pattern. The pattern ended up being way too baggy for me in the smallest size anyway, so I ended up fitting this sucker on and off which took about a year.
I started out with cute puff sleeves (elastic inserted in the tiny hem); and I had done a super job of it too but after I thought I was finished I realized the armsye was huge ....and well Simplicity went awry and I had to take it in again and thus wait a few more months before I felt the urge to tackle those sleeves.

This summer, I opted quite matter of factly into turning View D into View F-ish and ta-da!

Pattern: Simplicity 5681
Size 14 into something alot smaller...???
View F +-

...and some more news about the birthday just past...My sis gave me a great hoot of a card. It starts out with "There's alot worse than getting older..."

My sister was reminded of how much I used to beg our mom for knitted sweaters...and then I got one which was an oversized peach fuzzy acrylic pullover with a honking huge cable running up the center of reverse stockinette...ugh!
And the back of the card says "and she could still be cutting your bangs too!!" ...which was the reason I looked like a boy for years...

And.... hubby decided to trade in my car in time for my birthday. I love my new Toyota! I had this cute magnet for my Yarn Store to stick to its door too. Word is getting out about the cozy yarn shop on Main Street one way or another. Beep Beep!


Ren said...

Spoilt!!!! The dress is beautiful. Clever you Aline! Ren x

Hilary said...

Congrats on the new car, and on finishing your dress! It looks stunning and must feel SO GOOD to be done!