Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home sweet home

Besides knitting on my blanket of snow throw, one rectangle at a time...I tried to make pasties on my day off from the shop this past Monday.

I used Fairysteps Onion & Cheese Pasties recipe from her blog. I was confused with the british measurements at first since I use cups of flours instead of lbs and grams of cheese instead of Ounces so what I did was 1/3 of the Tenderflake recipe which is 2 cups of flour and 1/3 cup of the brick of lard (I omitted the butter...saving it for popcorn!). I bought 300g of PC 5 year old Canadian Cheddar and used 200g roughly 2\3 of it. Three potatoes and two onions  all grated in my Mums really old Food Processor. Man, that thing is old! I remember Mum using it to make Onion Pie when I was kid...

I was so excited that I forgot the egg! I realized it after I shut the oven door. Gasp! I have a lot of pie making experience so I rescued the pastry unwrapped them one by one and returned the filling to my big bowl and added one small free range egg from my own chicken coop. Following Ren's recipe as closely as possible feels good. I brushed them with milk; wasn't sure about this either but I sort of remember my cousins Mum doing this with her homemade bread so I risked it and it worked. I peeled an extra potatoe that I decided not to use so I rubbed the pieces with olive oil and added my favorite African Heat spice mixure to have a side order of fries.
Hubby is away on business so the kids and I ate these with some corn of the cob for dinner. I realized I forgot to add salt the the mixture too so they were 'good' but really excellent the next day warmed under the broiler for lunch after the flavours mingled together over night in the fridge. I realized I made them wayyy too big! Smaller ones next time, hee!


Hilary said...

Yummm....these are making me really hungry. :) Nice save with the egg!!

Brenda said...

The pies look delicious. Congratulations on your first anniversary.

Aline said...

Thank you!! A. xx