Saturday, May 1, 2010

The classic

For the love of garter stitch and stranded knitting, I finished these slippers and don't they look fabulous?
I found the free pattern on Ravelry under Phentex slippers for those of you in the mood for some stash busting toe warming.

Another FO feels good. I have lots of left over yarn from these two skeins of Galway and think some mini slippers would be cute.

The buying of Fall and Winter yarn has begun. Hiccup! I have added Misti Alpaca and Mango Moon to my line up.

The shop will be closed for a month in late summer to take a break and be with my family at the cottage. Freshen up just in time for the big big rush of Fall, I expect the place will be humming.


Voilà le classique pantoufle épis de maïs tricoté avec une pure laine. J'adore le point mousse et la technique à deux couleurs croisées ce qui donne une semelle coussineuse comme un nuage. J'ai trouvé ce veux patron classique par Ravelry sous le titre 'Phentex Slippers' et il est déjà traduit en français! Il me reste encore beaucoup de métrages de ces deux pelotes Galway alors je prévois de chaussons bébé à venir.

Il est déjà le temps de choisir mes nouvelles laines pour l'automne/hiver...! Alors, je suis heureuse d'annoncer que j'ai ajouté Misti Alpaca et Mango Moon à la boutique pour Septembre. J'aimerais aussi mentionner que je prends congé pour un mois vers la fin de l'été cette année pour passer du temps avec la marmaille au chalet, youpi!


Jean said...

Nice job on the slippers, I've been so busy and have not been able to do alot of blogging. I like the French you've been including in your posts. I also think its wonderful to close for a month and enjoy your family and Poune.

Sel and Poivre said...

My husband's family refer to that slipper pattern as "pixie slippers" There are multiple pairs in each of their homes and have been for decades - it must be a good pattern!

Brenda said...

The slippers look great and very retro - but I'm having a love/hate relationship minus the love, with garter stitch at the moment. So no slippers for me.

Aline said...

Pixie slippers...I like that! and for a longggg time I loathed garter stitch too. Now I eat tomatoes and knit garter stitch...people do change (well at least women) giggle. Nice to hear from you! And glad the french bits are well received, I am having fun practicing on you :)

Hilary said...

Yes they look fabulous! I love them. Thanks for linking the pattern...I'm dying to make these!

Firefly said...

Oh I love those slippers! They remind me of a tea cosy -- for the feet ;-) how perfect. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Aline said...

I think these slippers are starting a revival. I am getting lots of requests to teach the stranding technique. Glad you like them lovelies!A.xx