Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My latest knit...
Lace up Opera gloves by Ysolda
Yarn: Berroco Blackstone tweed
Needles: 5 mm
Black ribbon for laces
One very pleased 16 yr old...Happy Birthday Ivy-Lory!!

Merci Sel & Poivre for this new award! A. xx

Seven things about moi:

1. I am very interested in NAMES and naming things...I'm always dying to know what your pet or child's name is.
2. I love to read really thick novels and prefer historic with a sprinkle of romance that take me at least 6 months to savour.
3. I've always wanted a telescope.
4. I love beautiful bags and get heart skippy when I see them (have to try hard not to buy them all).
5. I am really way too sensitive for my own good. Trying to cure this...
6. I would love-love-love to write excellent French...some day!
7. My favorite snack is homemade popcorn with melted butter and good tasting yeast.


Jean said...

The lace up gloves are just too hip! Well since you have an interest in names. I have 3 Standard Poodles - Wooster, Hastings & Watson in addition to 2 outdoor cats names Lila and Momma kitty. I do so much reading at work and find simple books like mysteries (currently reading Monica Ferris and Janet Evanovich) appealing. By the way the socks from your previous post were sweet.

Hilary said...

Ooh, cool gloves!!