Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wrapping it up...

Being off is great fun!

I gave my new skates a go on the bay today....It was -13 but felt like -20 on my everything. Next trip, I promise to make more use of layers, wool and hugging the kids if necessary!

I just got home from my annual visit to Edelweiss my sisters apartment
On the edge of our seats for six hours waiting for Mr. Darcy to kiss Lizzy...!! Thanks to BBC for that suspence...
We drank frozen margeritas and made spring rolls after a little shopping...Sales Sales Sales...hard to resist but we were very good just the same. Managed to conceal the loot when Len picked me up early...ahem

Ribs the cat is making good use of his new Christmas bed
Chloé made it herself from start to finish
She found the fabric in my stash and she made her own pattern using a place mat as a template...I only needed to unjam the sewing machine once when the thread clogged up under the worries! A little screw driver comes with the accessories and besides...I watched every single episode of Do it Yourself when I was kid...I always remember Mary Bellows when I 'fix' something at home...snort! (Does anybody out there remember this show? hah!)
Honestly, I am pleased the cat is exercising his proprietorship of his new makes his Mum so very happy xx...I staggered into the kitchen for a drink in the middle of the night only to find him on his cushion so I know he really does love it more than the dogs bed or the couch, yay

The knitting has taken a back seat for the last few days (only a pair of mittens I left with my sister as a thank you for letting-me-sleep-on-your-sofa token) since I have been peeling mounds of potatoes for the scalloped potato jag I am experiencing, keeping the wood stove belching ash, laundry and endless games of chess.

A generous and thoughtful sister-of-the-knithood (Stéph) gave me a skein of Biscotte sock yarn for Christmas! xx  Loving the orange~ how did she know?  I wound it on the spot and have been sitting near it ever since: stealing glances
So glad to still get yarn as a gift (a knitter understands this)...that is very kind. merci! xx

p.s. Poune got a new green ribbon for Christmas and I found a sweet houndstooth dog coat pattern I will knit using pink and charcoal chunky in the new year (awww)

Friday, December 18, 2009


The car problems have set events in motion for having some extra hands at the shop...

Len had to pick me up from work on Thursday evening so I asked him to bring a drill...

Within seconds I had sawdust everywhere and a lovely peg board to hang some skeins!

My son was happy to put the hooks on the board and hang the skeins for Mum...

We are very pleased with the new look and it makes it so much easier to sell them when they are hanging up rather than stuffed into a cubby that I pull out every time.

I started my version of Citron using Verdes Malabrigo lace (love love love -thanks Hilary xx)

What a totally fun knit! I had to maneouver the 90 degree picking up of stitches with a crochet eyes are not what they could be and the light is rather dim in the comfy knitting section of the shop and I had to try three times (quelle surprise!) before I opted for the good old crochet hook trick. Well anyway, I love it and I think I got it right. I am so seeing this on me at New Years*

I finished a summer knit this week-the mate to the one sock I had on display at the shop for months.

My son needs warm socks again so I thought I would give these blue ones to Gage but his clod hoppers are way bigger than mine already. I guess I do need more socks anyway.

The garage claims to have repaired my car. Tomorrow is Len's birthday and we have to put the tree up which is always fun. I am planning a little me time for shopping the last few gifts for Poune and Ichabird sometime soon and my ski trail is ready...whooo!

*Every year I make a big deal out of casting on something really grand on New Years day. January 1st 2010 will be February Lady/dreams in colour....ya bébeh!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i'd say maybe even crazy....

The snow I asked for has arrived but with it came a good dose of crazy...
My nearly-new beloved Saturn sedan had a wee break down last week. The same 'flu' symptom it had exactly one year ago. I was a bit worried and annoyed but thought it would be easy to fix since I thought I could tell the garage it was a repeat problem and would be given the service I needed. Wrong. Last Friday, I was late to open the yarn shop. (gasp! EEK!) One of my dearest customers was waiting on the step for me....very understanding and even offered to pick me up from the garage once I dropped off my car for a check-up. I had a busy day that day and the garage called several times to say they could not find anything wrong with the car. It started A1 all day and the fancy diagnostic computer said there were no problems...They promised to send a shuttle car over to the shop to pick me up after work...Nope! At the last minute they said the shuttle dude was off duty at 4pm and so I took the bus...
I froze half to death (which doesn't take long when you are this short) walking the few blocks from the point where the bus dropped me off and the dealership lot was...I climbed a fence to cut the journey and lost my scarf but that's another story...
I paid them 47$ CDN for having burned at least 5$ or more of my gas tank to tell me that they found nothing wrong with my car. Okay, I forked over my Visa and thought at least I know my car is in top shape than...yeah me!
I get to my car and it wouldn't start....
The problem is intermittent obviously...only when I really need to leave...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Len is slaving away like a mad man to deliver the latest log home to its owner before Christmas. The last thing we needed was for my car to break down. We are both self-employed with three kids, a dog, a cat, a bird, 5 chickens and no help.

Ivy turns 16 in a few months so Len decided to buy her a second hand car ahead of time that we could all use in the meantime in a pinch. We found a reliable Toyoto (no more Saturns thank you!) of which I had to pick-up in the afternoon of my day off. We get there and the owner had not put the winter tires on and we had to tow it out of the back yard to the drive way where we discovered a transmission oil leak. My head is spinning and I am freezing and Len pulls a MacGuiver (it took 2 hours) to patch the hose with a who knows what to get me home.
Len put winter tires on the front and let me swish and swail my way home on a snake trail I think is called Bob's Road in back of Perkins....I thought I would never make it for heavy traffic, hills and lakes...but I did. Once home, Len worked on the car in the shop until it was all set and he left at 5 am this morning to deliver the house....

When Len tried to put the new wipers on the old car, the first one broke. I was on my way to Canadian Tire anyways because Ginette from service à la clientèle called to say I had dropped a bunch of my cards and photos on the floor the day before and they tracked me down to let me know. I tried to return the broken wiper and they said the computer system was 'down' and they could not accept any returns.
So I am driving around with one good wiper...

To my amazement, I got a letter from Père Noel in the mail this morning addressed to me...I did not write him a letter so I am still confused about that one (maybe he does see EVERYTHING)...I gave it to my son and that made him a very happy camper and I had to explain that no he could not peel 9 carrots this morning to feed the reindeer next week...

Tried to warm up my lunch at noon today and the breaker shut me I know that the microwave, toaster, fridge and washroom light and fan are all on the same circuit...great! Lucky for me the panel board is in my kitchenette since the landlady is rarely ever home. Dodged a bullit there. A friend happened to call to see how things were with me and gave me the exact advice I needed to find the right breaker switch in time so I could eat the second half of my pasta warmed...

I have just about had it with the more downs than ups lately so here is my latest knit...

Textured Shawl
by Orlane on Ravelry
needles: 5.5mm
Yarn: 2 skeins of Berroco vintage in lilac

Well....I am thrilled because a big box of yarn just arrived from Surrey B.C. and I have one skein of green Malabrigo lace left in the shop just in time to cast on the awesome new Knitty pattern Citron by Hilary!!! Just what I needed to cheer me up. Another one of those new patterns that come along and sweep you off your queue feet just like that.
I am really looking forward to my week off. I am going to sit around in my pjs eating samosas and watching goofy films with my kids. I hope the bay freezes over so I can head out on my skis to my trail in the woods...well, that's the hopeful plan anyways.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas slippers

Viking Garn 815-7

by Berit Ramsland

Needles: 10 mm

Yarn: Gjestal Naturgarn

Our cat 'Ribs' very much enjoyed sitting beside me while I knit the second slipper...

'Ribs' can smile and stretch for a mile when he wants to!

It took three trips through the washer and dryer to get these babies to fit my feet (I hope they fit the recipient!). I embroidered little daisy chain flowers on them.

I am using yarn to hold them still for the picture.
I hope Gage's teacher will enjoy these...he has been such a rascal this year! I should pack them up with alcohol filled chocolates...!
Chloé is putting the finishing touches on her very own handmade gift for the class exchange. My kids love these 'Tricotin' hoops I have at the shop. Gage has almost knit up a ball of yarn with his hoop too. That says alot.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Crème Caramel & Muppet Scarf

Fini! (unblocked because I just just just finished it)

Crème Caramel
Sirdar Click DK #8957 Assymetrical Cardigan
Needles: 4 mm straights
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zara

Soooo happy to finish this project which means I can start Christmas knitting something I had given up hoping for...

Over the weekend, I knit up a scarf for myself while watching the Grey Cup game with HD.

Muppet Scarf (30 sts garter st)
10 mm straights
Online Linie 43 colour 26 (2 skeins)

So what's next? Tonight is Knit Night here at Laine de Bergère...My sister just arrived with our Shawarma dinner so happy knitting everyone!!!
Aline xx