Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. Postman

I think it is kinda cute that I am using a Vogue Knitting mag as a mouse pad. Typical knitter. Thank goodness I recyle because when I was pulling the mouse packaging apart I found a battery tucked inside the cardboard. It could have been trashed! That was a close one.

I was enjoying the rain storm we had earlier this week at the shop until the Postman arrived with my mail.

He said he was sorry that my parcel was nearly melted to shreds by the time he arrived to my door....huh?

All my yarn samples hanging out of the wet shredded envelope like a car wreck victim.

He could at least hang a fake smile when I thank him in my usual cheerful manner regardless of his lack of regard for my stuff. Ever hear of a mail bag Mister? If he did this to one of my knitting magazines I would have to kill him. I have my limits of cheerful self.
Well, enough is enough. I have decided that the crazy business of starting a business will no longer come between me and my stitches.

I am passed the holes for the sleeves. I am only on my second skein of yarn so far. It boggles the mind. I love Galway. I just picked out some new colours for Fall that will be available at Laine de Bergère.

My cash register is ready now. I was very happy to meet 'Earl' from The Supplier company. He said my gently used cash register is still a good old girl with lots of zing left in her. I am nervous about using it. Today was a crash course and I hope I can follow my own notes. The operation manual is like chinese to me. The big joke around here is that on the bright side, I have no boss to yell at me or get fired when I screw up. On the other hand, I only have myself to call when I have a problem. Time to develop a split personality.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A taste of what has transpired today.

I am missing vital parts to my stock colours and am glad I remembered to leave holes for the missing colours to come. Pheow.

Starting slow and small to make it big and beautiful. Feeling self conscious as usual. gulp.

My second room is full of shelves but they will remain empty for now. It will be used as the sewing room for starters. Room to grow!

I am all in a twist about patterns. Where do I begin? I am not made of money so what does a girl buy first?

I have been shopping sock yarn today. Oh my! I found some delicious NEW stuff that had me at hello. Can't wait to see the price list. Crossing me fingers.

I will definitely carry Malabrigo...I am dying to see this stuff. I read many bloggers knitting with it and hear nothing but oooh and ahhh...

I fired off an email to Dream in Colour too but they never replied. Once the phone is connected in the store, I will give them a call because I love this yarn with a holy passion. yum yum yum... ;)

Oh and let me know what colours you all like. I am afraid the walls might reflect my personal taste at this point - sorry! (tight budget and all). I need to think outside the knitting bag... Not easy!

Besides all that, I have relinquished the OKG Library Coordinator position. I have too many sticks in the fire now. Something had to go.

I have set my summer shop hours:
Tuesday - Wednesday 10:00 to 16:00
Thursday - Friday 11:00 to 20:30
Saturday 10:00 to 17:00

The O Knitting Guild meeting is always on the third Monday of the month and that falls on a day off. I think I will be happy to let the Saturn cool. I will make the odd surprise visit I am sure. A new Coordinator has been found and I am heaving a huge sigh of relief. Our new library is so cool and fabulous! I want it to prosper. Good luck with that volunteers!

It occured to me today that I need to find chairs for Knit & Spin Night. I hope I don't run out of seating...eek! Instead of bring your own booze the sloggan will be bring your own seat.

All in all, I am both terrified and ecstatic. Next week is full of appointments that tie all the loose ends. Friends will start to pop in too. Moment of truth! Be gentle...haha.

I have a big day in May when I drive to Montréal to visit Diamond Yarns. Send out the pose in June if I am not back yet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sudden urge to cast on

HD has been rained out of his jobjob so he offered to help me finish with the shelves at the shop.

That is when I remembered that I have a serious lack of hand eye coordination.

No matter how hard I try, I just cannot slide those glass plates into the tiny sockets with the same speed and agility as Len.

With both of us at the shop, we have to wrap it up by 2 pm to be home in time for the yellow bus. It was 1:30 pm when we finished with the shelves and could start to bring out boxes of yarn. The fun begins! I am trying to work fast and make a great display. I wish I had some yarn fairy to wave a wand now and then. Just looking at the many balls of lush and fabulous stock, I get the sudden urge to never open to the public. Cast on many many projects and knit forever...!

The changes around here are very drastic. Everyone has to pitch in and help. Patience and cooperation please! Even the dog is finding the new working Mum part hard on the constitution...Here is Poune the night I set up my laptop. She was not very happy to see me with another computer to tap away on forever...Click click click! She kept moaning and tapping on my leg to get my attention. I let her outside many times and she would bark to come back in without stepping off the deck. She has water...I think she was jealous of the new computer! Poor Dog.
Look at that face...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One shelf at a time

I wasn't planning on working at the shop today. I decided that the shop will be closed on Sunday and Monday at least until my wee folk are big enough to manage without me. However, the sign maker called to say that they were ready to install the letters today (Sunday). Sigh. It is a good thing I am relatively flexible with my duties around here. I had finished my laundry and supper was in the slow cooker...truthfully, I was very anxious to SEE the words...

I am very pleased with it! I picked out the font for it and I think it is very Bergère.

I still cannot get used to the phone number. I have an unexplained fear that it won't work come the day the technician arrives to plug the cables etc. Gulp. At this point, I'm so freaked out that I can't remember when the number will actually work...Is it the day the cable guy comes or May 1st? Argh. I hope people understand it is a work in progress. I took this picture of the letters being applied to window. I nearly fainted when the last E was was in the car for some odd reason. It took a year off my life.
In any event, most of my shelves are moved in. Woolaine is looking very sad indeed. Tis all my fault...! Ivy tagged along today to see the shop for the first time and lend some elbow grease. We got finished scrubbing the front room shelves. I hate to think of the nasty pile of glass I have yet to clean and polish to complete the boxes...eeh!

My mascots are waiting by the door to greet knitters and spinners alike. I am still working on placing everything. The shop is tiny.

I scrubbed them too! Although I am taking the photo and that is why I am not washing in this pic. I am blogging this from my laptop for the first time. I was too cheap to buy a mouse but it is the first thing I invest in when the money rolls in. It's like driving an automatic after you've been accustomed to a stick. I keep reaching for me mousey thingy...haha!

Oh, by the way, I enjoyed my reversible knitting class yesterday in Ottawa. I did not take a picture of my swatches. Too pooped to be honest! It was great fun to spend the afternoon with knitters. I always love that. Jeannine was there! Allô Jeannine!! I really enjoyed seeing some of my fellow Guilders. Since I've been working for the library, I am too occupied to visit. I miss everyone.

I came home and a big bag of Pogo's wool was waiting at the front door. Got to LOVE that! Thank you Mr. Dhérouville!!

I plan on spinning at the shop. I hope I can encourage spinners to come with their wheel as well as knitters on Knit Night!

Please send me any yarn suggestions. There are so many yarns in the world that I am beside myself at this point. I am starting with the stuff that Woolaine clients love because I am continuing what Claire had going...but I hope to add some other cool stuff.

Well, this is my update for now. I am opening in May but can't pin point a date at this point. I am about to declare the shop hours too.

I can't wait for the conclusion of Little Dorrit tonight! Charles Dickens on PBS. I Love this series!! I am dying to read the book. My list goes on and on...
Have a great week everyone! A.xx

Friday, April 17, 2009

Knitting a home

Over the Easter holiday we worked on our pinwheels (Donna and I).

We each have a turtle shell to wear!

I have been soooo busy setting up the knit shop that I have completely abandoned my needles. Too tired when I crash onto the sofa in the evenings. I keep falling asleep with the t.v. on. hiccup. HD comforts me when he says knitting is my job now...lots of time for that from now on. yay!

As for the knit shop, it is coming along nicely. The paper work might get the best of me yet. I signed so many papers by now, I am afraid I might be married to the lady that set up my bank account. ? It is a very odd sight to see Woolaine taken apart. Even more odd because part of the shelves are now mine!

My shop has most of its shelves in place. I am sorting out all the extra bits that take forever and cost a fortune.
Pictures of Laine de Bergère should start to appear by the end of the month... Keeping it to myself for now...all mine...moo ha ha!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love my job

I spent a brain liquifying 8 hours the other day, shopping for wool and at one point stopped for a breath and realized, man, this is my job now. Sheesh. I think God finally got the memo (bottom of the inbox). These two girls will be the shop mascots to match my logo of Frieda and Rhubarbe. A gift from Lynda and Guillaume. xx

Walking the dog with Pepper (Chloé) the other day. She was wearing her Tabby scarf since this Spring weather is perfect for a smooshy merino scarf. Just right.

My friend Lynda taught me how to make my own jerky! Her husband hunts Moose and she makes jerky for packing in the kids lunches. It is delicious and easy to do.

After marinating and dabbing off the extra EVOO you dehydrate the meat slices in the Excaliber Dehydrating oven. Ta Da!

I borrowed her machine and made strawberry and apples slices for breakfast.

We look forward to dehydrating wild garlic leaves...yum!

Knitting will hopefully pick up now that my new needles have arrived. I ran out of space on my cable for the Pinwheel. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and my sister Donna is coming over for din-din. We are roasting a Leg-O-lamb with mint sauce and veggies.
We should get some stitches done at some point.
Next week, I start to move into my new home shop. Pictures will follow.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Modus Operandi

Welcome to the new LYS - Laine de Bergère.

I've rented this little shop on rue Main in Gatineau Québec to start up my very own knitting/spinning boutique.

Pinch me!

This is rather late breaking news and I have yet to iron out all the details like furniture, grande openings and nervous breakdowns... You would not believe the way the stars lined up for this to happen. It is almost creepy the way it all came together like a dream come true.

So tell me: which day of the week is best for a Knit Night?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Take a Notion

Latest sock (test knitting). Bergère de France sock pattern from a book designed for this yarn. I am offering a class on how to knit these argyle/beaded socks as a kit. The fun part is knitting them on two needles. The sewing up after could be a bit of a struggle for some.
I finished the duplicate stitching last night while watching Project Runway Canada. (For sewing inspiration)
Turning the heel in this pattern is crazy fun. Looks like I flattened it with a roller.

My lastest craze...Knitting Notion case à la Bergère I am so pleased! I've quilted this fabric for extra love. It is soft and smooshy.
My new Notion Case is to replace a very old friend. I made this one when I first learned how to thread my Mums sewing machine back in high school. I've always had a thing for bags. I do believe this was my first zipper project and my first attempt at beading too. A sad little turtle on the side there... I used to have a turtle tank in my room. Those were the days. No kids, no man just late nights reading Wuthering Heights and every moment not in school I would be riding my bike. Le Sigh.

I finished yet another piece for the Le Grand Plaid. The star. I've perfected my cast-off by knitting two together then binding off and my tension is much better these days.

Twilight Salad
My new salad recipe. It tastes like forbidden love. I watched Twilight last weekend. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. Now I must read all those books too.