Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wrapping it up...

Being off is great fun!

I gave my new skates a go on the bay today....It was -13 but felt like -20 on my everything. Next trip, I promise to make more use of layers, wool and hugging the kids if necessary!

I just got home from my annual visit to Edelweiss my sisters apartment
On the edge of our seats for six hours waiting for Mr. Darcy to kiss Lizzy...!! Thanks to BBC for that suspence...
We drank frozen margeritas and made spring rolls after a little shopping...Sales Sales Sales...hard to resist but we were very good just the same. Managed to conceal the loot when Len picked me up early...ahem

Ribs the cat is making good use of his new Christmas bed
Chloé made it herself from start to finish
She found the fabric in my stash and she made her own pattern using a place mat as a template...I only needed to unjam the sewing machine once when the thread clogged up under the worries! A little screw driver comes with the accessories and besides...I watched every single episode of Do it Yourself when I was kid...I always remember Mary Bellows when I 'fix' something at home...snort! (Does anybody out there remember this show? hah!)
Honestly, I am pleased the cat is exercising his proprietorship of his new makes his Mum so very happy xx...I staggered into the kitchen for a drink in the middle of the night only to find him on his cushion so I know he really does love it more than the dogs bed or the couch, yay

The knitting has taken a back seat for the last few days (only a pair of mittens I left with my sister as a thank you for letting-me-sleep-on-your-sofa token) since I have been peeling mounds of potatoes for the scalloped potato jag I am experiencing, keeping the wood stove belching ash, laundry and endless games of chess.

A generous and thoughtful sister-of-the-knithood (Stéph) gave me a skein of Biscotte sock yarn for Christmas! xx  Loving the orange~ how did she know?  I wound it on the spot and have been sitting near it ever since: stealing glances
So glad to still get yarn as a gift (a knitter understands this)...that is very kind. merci! xx

p.s. Poune got a new green ribbon for Christmas and I found a sweet houndstooth dog coat pattern I will knit using pink and charcoal chunky in the new year (awww)


Jean said...

How sweet kitty is and it looks like he does like the bed. Poune will LOVE the new sweater and I'm sure she'll give you a big smile when you put it on her. It's a good thing that you are so far away or that beautiful skein of yarn just might disapear (LOL).

Sel and Poivre said...

We're going skating today - can't wait! Happy New Aline!

Clamille said...

Bonnes Vacances Aline!!!!!
Profites-en bien!!! On se revoit en 2010!!!
Santé, bonheur et amour!!!
C xoxo

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog today - it is lovely. And I laughed out loud because I watched every single episode of "Do it yourself" when I was young too - I hadn't thought of that in years!