Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas slippers

Viking Garn 815-7

by Berit Ramsland

Needles: 10 mm

Yarn: Gjestal Naturgarn

Our cat 'Ribs' very much enjoyed sitting beside me while I knit the second slipper...

'Ribs' can smile and stretch for a mile when he wants to!

It took three trips through the washer and dryer to get these babies to fit my feet (I hope they fit the recipient!). I embroidered little daisy chain flowers on them.

I am using yarn to hold them still for the picture.
I hope Gage's teacher will enjoy these...he has been such a rascal this year! I should pack them up with alcohol filled chocolates...!
Chloé is putting the finishing touches on her very own handmade gift for the class exchange. My kids love these 'Tricotin' hoops I have at the shop. Gage has almost knit up a ball of yarn with his hoop too. That says alot.


Jean said...

The slippers look so sweet and the kitty so fluffy and soft. Nice post.

Demi Lu said...

I like your blog!, CONGRATULATIONS! and the photos are very nice ..


Hilary said...

Felted slippers seem to be *the* thing to make this season - I love yours and the embroidered detail! And that hoop knitting looks like fun!