Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mitts for Papa

pattern: #15 mittens. Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Needles: 4.5 mm
Yarn: Gjestal Naturgarn in natural (discontinued)

My Dad was 49 when I was born (!) The fact that I still have him is beyond being blessed. When I asked my Dad what would he like to have for his birthday, he answered 'a good pair of mitts made with white wool like the stuff your mother used to spin'...
I love a man that appreciates wool and knitting. What is more fun than getting to knit a present for your Papa?
I have really enjoyed making these for him. I know they will keep him warm when he is outside this Fall. I will make a second pair to rotate between washings so he won't need to part with his mitts in between our visits.

Now back to knitting my commissioned cardi...

P.s. The shop had a lovely surprise yesterday...Elizabeth from the comments popped in! So happy to meet her. We talked about ...wool! and more wool! Thanks Elizabeth for taking the time to visit the shop.

Wool be with you!
A. xx


Jean said...

How heart warming, to have a father that appreciates your knitting and his choice was so endearing to me. You are indeed fortunate.

Clamille said...

Ton papa doit être tout heureux! Elles sont belles ses mitaines!
Clamille xoxo

Elisabeth said...

Bonjour Aline! Very much enjoyed my visit with you on Friday. Already looking forward to the next stop! Beautiful shop, beautiful wools and a very pleasant shop keeper, a sure recipe for success!! Elisabeth

Hilary said...

Great mittens! That is VERY cool that your dad appreciates the knits. I wish I could figure out something to knit my dad! As his temperature generally runs about 100 degrees above the rest of us and it barely gets to freezing around here, there's not much that wouldn't make him too warm!

faerie finder said...

oh those are sOOO lovely.
what a lucky papa (and daughter!)
i put the pattern for the little bowl on my knitting site :)

CC said...

That is such a lovely thing to do for your dada. If only I could knit too. :)