Friday, September 11, 2009

French nut!

Well, it's not exactly knitting, but yes, I love to read the dictionary and this one is my new baby. (I collect them)
Guide anglais français de la traduction by René Meertens
I found it at the local book store last Saturday and am thrilled to find this rich source of help for translating english words to acceptable french expressions. I have already learned so many useful phrases (many ahah! moments) and although my new website is not perfect yet, I did use this dictionary to help translate my ideas. My apologies to Stéphanie B. that has yet to proof read my french so far...merci!xx  I am very lucky to live in a country where we have two official languages and I love them both! Having french in-laws and children provide tons of incentive. Now if I could muscle my brain around 'grammaire' and 'syntax'...

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Jean said...

I'll have to remember this dictionary, I have very limited French and every little bit would help.