Thursday, September 3, 2009

About time honey...

Meet Persia...a new garment from Sirdar (Persia yarn - pattern # 9182)...I think the knitting gods have taken pity of me and have sent me this lovely cardi today to complement the tank top for Delilah's chilly nights...thankfully because I am not generating too many outfits as of late.

I have been going bonkers getting my new website up and running. Thanks for a load of help from Ren of Fairysteps xx I now have relief.
I say relief because until my website was up, I felt I could no longer blog as before...

I was using my blog as a find-me-on-the-web when my knitting shop opened. My usual animal-nature loving knit blogging just did not seem appropriate for business. Ack!

So, I am back!

I went to the movies last weekend with my HD to see Les Doigts Croches and I saw a pious lady wearing a black shawl and it inspired me... I have a cone of black alpaca lace in my woolly hoard that I now have an idea for.

I am knitting a new pinwheel using some Berroco Vintage in about a lovely yarn! Stay tuned...


clamille said...

J`aime ton nouveau site Aline!!!!
Moi aussi les films m`inspire côté tricot! Malheureusement (hihi), on ne peut tout les faire....J`ai bien bien hâte de voir ton nouveau pinwheel!!!
À bientôt!
Clamille xoxo

Jean said...

I just clicked on the link, the movie looks fab, I hope I can find it in Los Angeles. Welcome bakc deary! I missed you. Please send me the link to your new website so that I can look at what you have to offer.

a mouse said...

yay! good to hear from you! :)
i would recommend any essential oils..
i get them everywhere :)

i think that the stock comes
from the neighborhood cause
its a thrift shop!

hope your store is swimming in love and beauty
i wish i owned a yarn store!!! someday maybe :)

Hilary said...

Yay, you're back! Love your new sample cardi.

SD Sue said...

Your web site is marvelous! Tre Terrifique! (my high school French is terrible!) Your yarn shop as viewed through the website is quite lovely and inspiring. Glad you are blogging again. We had a cockatiel named "Buddy" and he said, "Hello Every Birdy" and imitated the answering machine for the telephone!
Keep up the good work!