Thursday, August 20, 2009

Delilah's New Top

Berroco has sent me this lovely garment made of Vintage Wool, Colour #5185 the pattern is Diorama from book 290 which I immediately put on glad to have something fresh for Delilah to show-off. Her bust is a little bumpy, she is a very vintage mannequin.

I have only been knitting some plain recipe socks lately, too busy unpacking and arranging my new fall yarns. These are my own version of plain socks for the self patterning yarns I have in the shop.

My HD has been away on business this whole month and so the knitting takes a back seat in the evening which I spend watching a little T.V. and reading after the wee folk are tucked in. However, I cast on another Vogue Knitting sweater with some fabulous Kitten Mohair in a warm gold that has been sending text messages to my brain for weeks. lol. People will remember me when they meet me wearing this fuzzy dress in the fall...hah!

I have been dealing with a nocturnal visitor in the bergerie these past few days. A imagine it to be a raccoon. First, I noticed mud in the cats water dish; then the grain bin lid was ajar one morn...I thought the children had been careless until the next morning, the lid was completely off and many lbs of feed was gone! I bungee tied the lid shut and am not leaving water for the cat over night just in case that attracts the little devil. Never a dull moment! We thought we were safe since the garbage bins have been untouched all summer...guess again! I don't blame him for preferring grain to coffee grinds.

An electrician was here today to install a new lamp on the front room ceiling. What a difference it makes! It was way too dim in here.

My son was invited to spend the day at the DeSilva farm yesterday. When we arrived to pick him up, I was thrilled to meet Cayette the Jersey cow. She is expecting her first baby and what a beautiful girl she is. My family had a Jersey cow named 'Flo' on our farm when I was a kid. Always loved that cream & butter, yum. Thus my favorite breed of cow.