Saturday, July 18, 2009


New to my wish list is this Vogue 8524 pattern for the next sale at fabricville.

The 'Maude' lace top is all finished and I forgot it at the shop this afternoon.

Pictures will have to wait...grrr!

I am currently designing a sock using the alwo sport strumpfwolle I have in stock. It is fun to test the colour pattern with different stitch counts. So far, I have achieved something that resembles a leopard!


The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Ooooo, I like the coat Aline, and the pinafore dress, nice and simple. I look forward to seeing them made up in your fabric choices..... arent sales the best! BUT I have to say Ive always completely lost it in past sales and bought way too much... greed to add to the hoard took over, so I avoid them now, Ive got no self control when it comes to fabric and yarn sales..... has anyone????
Glad you sound chirpy and well, Ren x

anji-jane said...

wow a pattern to achieve leopard print! I have always had an ambition to design a leopard print sweater.
Will look forward to pics of lace top too. x

Clamille said...

Wouhou!!! J`ai bien hâte de le voir porté ce Maude!!!!
Clamille xoxo

Mia said...

The vouge pattern looks amazing, I'll bet you are going to make some beautiful pieces from that :)
I have desperately been trying to find a 50’s shirt dress pattern that I really like, but no luck :( and haven’t been able to find a good fabric shop here in London, so might have to stock up when I go back to Denmark :)