Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maude alias Tinkerbelle

'Maude' by Diane Mulholland
Needles: 3 mm & 3.75 mm circulars and Dpns

Yarn: Diamond Luxury Collection alpaca Cashmere (800m)
Buttons from Laine de Bergère

I am very pleased with the outcome of this little sexy knit. I have not been very brave in the lace department all these years. I loath the part where the directions get obscure and you find yourself in a rather obvious place like the front armscye with no real clue how to 'continue in pattern' what with part of your stitch count recently dismissed...scary stuff indeed!

But with this top, the armscyes are easy because you tackle it from the neck down anyways. This pattern completely satisfied my thirst for pretty knitting and the urge to do ribbing for miles. Oh! and did I mention it is a Free Ravelry link?

I needed some words of wisdom from fellow knitters to understand the chart. Ravelry is the best place in the world if you ask me...with the help of some I got through it.
My beloved bergamot this year...the weather has been off and so I finally had a sunny morning to visit them a few days passed the peek but they are stunning just the same. xx

Saturday, July 18, 2009


New to my wish list is this Vogue 8524 pattern for the next sale at fabricville.

The 'Maude' lace top is all finished and I forgot it at the shop this afternoon.

Pictures will have to wait...grrr!

I am currently designing a sock using the alwo sport strumpfwolle I have in stock. It is fun to test the colour pattern with different stitch counts. So far, I have achieved something that resembles a leopard!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

wall to wall sunshine

On knitting holiday...

A happy clan we are indeed. off to the cottage Sunday to enjoy the first swim and first nice day since who knows when. Poune leading to way to the beach... She was so happy to take a car ride and sniff the familiar air as we got closer to the Lake...I find it so funny to watch her recognize the road to the cottage after over a year and 40 minutes or so of steady driving. sniff sniff sniff!

The deerflies are a remind us we are still on earth.
Pounie would try to catch them and not looking very pleased about them!

Peeking over the rock wall. The sandy beach is very steep and slopes down to the water which is rather high this year. Highest we have seen it yet! This makes the beach smaller in early summer...who cares anyway!

After a long walk around the Lake we end it with a cool dipp for tired puppy paws. Yum!

There was a friendly bass at the dock. He was curious about the tiny fingers trying to touch him.
He swam around and around and would kiss Chloe's fingers...hungry and brave fish? He was beautiful, almost blue around the edges. What a thrill for the kids. This places is enchanting.

Brides bouquet. My husbands youngest brother was married Saturday. We danced and ate too much.

A visitor in my garden...

The pale foxes are blooming now...I adore them. Expecting Peter Rabbit any minute really.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting ready for the next 6 months...

I'm a Ruby girl....born in nothing more than to curl up in my shell with the things I hold dear...

To add to my classic book shelf.
...Little Dorrit!! merci Donna xx

What a perfect birthday gift. I feel a bit guilty because it is not in French and I vowed to only read French books. The joke around here is that perhaps I will read this much faster because it is in English...perhaps...but then again, French doesn't slow me down as much as it is falling asleep no matter what the language.

Stéphanie has been spoiling me again...she had the complete 'Candy' collection on VHS that she generously let me borrow. I am 9 years old again! It will be fun watching these episodes. This love story defined my idea of romance...
Ivy is all impressed that her Mum was 'into' mangas as a kid...ha!