Monday, June 29, 2009

Yay rain...! and are we in texas now?

My garden is loving the weather as much as I. My beautiful foxgloves are glorious! With the lovely rain, we have emptied the rain barrels into the well so I can continue to wash laundry and such. Every drop counts.
My knitting has been ifey these past few weeks. Maude is now called 'Tinkerbelle' (thanks to a mouse for the idea) since I knit and tink the lace rows forever.

It took three of us (Thanks Pet for finally giving me the correct answer) to sort out the freakin' math to reduce my stitches evenly since I added rows and rows of pretty lace before the ribbing. The lace pattern grows and grows in stitch count so I had to do some fancy decreasing to get this honey back to basics.
This picture is just a tease really...

Now, I am enjoying the soothing comfort of soft summer rain while I click some skinny needle/yarn ribbing for the next long while. I don't mind.

The hen house had a surprise for us...a giant egg! Some double yokers too. Now we are happily eating these fresh cocos for breakfast.

The biggest wild strawberry I found in my yard this year. It was as yummy as it looks! (didn't make it into the recipe, this one...) Got it into me tummy before the fairies found it. xx


Jean said...

This post was especially charming. Poor chick that egg must have hurt! Wild strawberries sound especially yummy for some reasons (maybe the fairies thought it too big for their taste). I am working a gray lace too - though not as ambitious as yours, cant wait to see it done and modeled. How is your charming shop?

Hilary said...

Love that lace, and fresh eggs and strawberries - YUM! I agree with Jean -- this post was very charming!

Clamille said...

"Tinkerbelle" sera vraiment joli Aline! J`ai bien hâte de le voir une fois terminé! Les cocos!!!!! Wow! Ils ont l`air bons!!! Bonne journée à toi!
Clamille xoxo

anji-jane said...

ooooh, foxgloves and wild strawberries. what a dose of magical nostalgia. x