Monday, June 1, 2009

Pinwheel recall

The baby pinwheel needed an update! Little Meghanne is getting to be quite the little miss wiggle and her Mum wanted me to add buttons to this sweater in hopes of keeping it put. There is a very good reason why I did not put buttons on said sweater in the first place. You see I thought she might pull off a button (and god knows what next) because if I am sewing onto knit fabric who knows how strong that is. I decided to tack down the lace cuffs instead and make a sash to tie around the baby. All is well! I am also thinking I should stock up on this tiny tots yarn. The dark colours are really nice!
Yes sir, three bags full...

Our new chickies have started to lay eggs for us! They are small eggs...alas, you need about 6 to make a cake but the chickies are warming up to us. HD says they have stopped freaking out when the pen door is open. Poor dears. They are so pretty! A.xx


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I wish I could have chickens laying eggs! Its illegal here in the city :(

Jean said...

The baby garment looks quite dashing with the sash, what a great design decision. And the egg is just precious, photos of the hens would be much appreciated. (they are such dear little creatures).