Friday, June 12, 2009

Dipping my toes in the frog pond...

Three repeats of the lace pattern complete, I had to stop mid-row to end a dispute between my wee folk and somehow picked it up and started knitting some other row...

I spent a whole day tinking to no avail. Before ripping this baby, I decided to try it on to see if 3 repeats is enough before the arm holes...

My Landlady extraordinaire likes to come by once a day to try on my ruffled edge wrap...and she likes to look at herself in a she added a long length mirror to my wall! Merci Nicole!
It is great for taking pictures of myself as a matter of fact.

The shop had some VIP visitors all the way from Vancouver...I am a Great Aunt Aline to three of the most gorgeous kiddos...honestly my ovaries have been cramping for hours now. So cute!!

My nephew Ritchie and his lady Megan with Aiden, Noah and Harley.
Aiden is 6!! A wonderful big brother. He could write a book about how its done.

This is Noah (three already!) goodness he is precious. He looks like his pretty Aunt Jen if you ask me...xx

This little gem of a lady is Harley and she is four months. So bright you would think she was 18 months...tiny little girl...must take after her old auntie Aline...
Mum Megan is a knitter so hopefully we will get more time together going over patterns and getting her a little souvenir from 'Laine de Bergère'. Noah recognized this was a yarn store the minute he arrived and he told his Mum she would like this boy!
Hope to see them all again XX


Sel and Poivre said...

What a lovely family - what a shame about the frogging!

Jean said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit, this family looks so sweet. What charming children-they must take a little after you. Sympathy on the frogging, but I do it often enough, it just an opportunity to knit a little longer with that yummy yarn.

Hilary said...

Oh no...I'm so sorry about the frogging. I hate that! But what ADORABLE little kiddos!

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Agghhh.... lace patterns, nightmare to unpick. Id have taken the whole lot back and started again! I hate knitting lace but its so beautiful youve just got to havent you!!
Cant blame the landlady, shes been drawn to your creativity and flair Aline. I bet your shop is like a woolly nest for knitters, warm and inviting in a pins and needles type of way.
The children are beautiful, little shining lights!!! It must have been all the wool.....

a mouse said...

you know whats funny
i always called it "tink"
which is knit spelled backwards
i hoped so much that it would
catch on.. cause of tinkerbelle :)
ha ha ha but it never did!