Monday, June 29, 2009

Yay rain...! and are we in texas now?

My garden is loving the weather as much as I. My beautiful foxgloves are glorious! With the lovely rain, we have emptied the rain barrels into the well so I can continue to wash laundry and such. Every drop counts.
My knitting has been ifey these past few weeks. Maude is now called 'Tinkerbelle' (thanks to a mouse for the idea) since I knit and tink the lace rows forever.

It took three of us (Thanks Pet for finally giving me the correct answer) to sort out the freakin' math to reduce my stitches evenly since I added rows and rows of pretty lace before the ribbing. The lace pattern grows and grows in stitch count so I had to do some fancy decreasing to get this honey back to basics.
This picture is just a tease really...

Now, I am enjoying the soothing comfort of soft summer rain while I click some skinny needle/yarn ribbing for the next long while. I don't mind.

The hen house had a surprise for us...a giant egg! Some double yokers too. Now we are happily eating these fresh cocos for breakfast.

The biggest wild strawberry I found in my yard this year. It was as yummy as it looks! (didn't make it into the recipe, this one...) Got it into me tummy before the fairies found it. xx

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dipping my toes in the frog pond...

Three repeats of the lace pattern complete, I had to stop mid-row to end a dispute between my wee folk and somehow picked it up and started knitting some other row...

I spent a whole day tinking to no avail. Before ripping this baby, I decided to try it on to see if 3 repeats is enough before the arm holes...

My Landlady extraordinaire likes to come by once a day to try on my ruffled edge wrap...and she likes to look at herself in a she added a long length mirror to my wall! Merci Nicole!
It is great for taking pictures of myself as a matter of fact.

The shop had some VIP visitors all the way from Vancouver...I am a Great Aunt Aline to three of the most gorgeous kiddos...honestly my ovaries have been cramping for hours now. So cute!!

My nephew Ritchie and his lady Megan with Aiden, Noah and Harley.
Aiden is 6!! A wonderful big brother. He could write a book about how its done.

This is Noah (three already!) goodness he is precious. He looks like his pretty Aunt Jen if you ask me...xx

This little gem of a lady is Harley and she is four months. So bright you would think she was 18 months...tiny little girl...must take after her old auntie Aline...
Mum Megan is a knitter so hopefully we will get more time together going over patterns and getting her a little souvenir from 'Laine de Bergère'. Noah recognized this was a yarn store the minute he arrived and he told his Mum she would like this boy!
Hope to see them all again XX

Monday, June 8, 2009

Knit Happens...

Maude: Diane Mulholland
Free Ravelry link
Cette dentelle me donne du fil à retordre!
Je l'ai finallement deviné et je suis ravie depuis!
All I needed was a second opinion...
Have you ever stalked your computer for a whole afternoon waiting and hoping somebody on Ravelry will hear your call for help? That was me last Friday. What I was guessing it was wasn't working. Quelle surprise...
Je suis épatée par cette belle laine. Douce et plus douce! Luxury Collection Alpaca Cashmere. Yum.
Loving this yarn...what a treat to knit with. I am using 3.75 mm for the lace and am thinking I might as well jump down to 3mm for the 2x2 rib body.
p.s. sorry queue, I did it again! Owning a yarn store has totally altered my atmosphere and has opened doors for even more yarn access...hiccup. Loving it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cracker Barrel

Delilah says hurry up it's hot in the window this morning!

Good sport that she is my Cracker Barrel aka pinwheel sweater.

Pattern: Pinwheel Cardigan (adult)by Shelley Mackie

Yarn: Galway Heather (Fils Diamond Yarn) worsted weight.

Needles: 5.5 mm dpns & circulars (adjust length as you increase your stitch count).
I can tell you that this colourway is discontinued and I have none left. Used every bit of my 5 skeins. I have some yummy new colours in the shop so come check it out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My fowl friends

The skittish chickens have warmed up to us. They are warm and friendly now. Almost affectionate. Three eggs a day and counting...merci chickies!!

"Are you lookin' at me?"

Doing the 'vogue'...hee!

P.s. the 'Cracker Barrel Pinwheel Cardi' is finished, Hoot!

Must find a camera man or wait to ask 'Delilah' to model again. She has an appartment in town now...will have to wait 'til tomorrow morn I guess.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pinwheel recall

The baby pinwheel needed an update! Little Meghanne is getting to be quite the little miss wiggle and her Mum wanted me to add buttons to this sweater in hopes of keeping it put. There is a very good reason why I did not put buttons on said sweater in the first place. You see I thought she might pull off a button (and god knows what next) because if I am sewing onto knit fabric who knows how strong that is. I decided to tack down the lace cuffs instead and make a sash to tie around the baby. All is well! I am also thinking I should stock up on this tiny tots yarn. The dark colours are really nice!
Yes sir, three bags full...

Our new chickies have started to lay eggs for us! They are small eggs...alas, you need about 6 to make a cake but the chickies are warming up to us. HD says they have stopped freaking out when the pen door is open. Poor dears. They are so pretty! A.xx