Saturday, May 23, 2009

-twas Friday

Laine de Bergère (the yarn shop) would be nothing without the great knitters! After one week, I have met some really cool knitters that make this big new episode of my life so much fun.

Here is the mermaid scarf made for the shop by Stephanie from 4 balls of Cantata cotton. Merci! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that she took time out of her work and knit week to make this for Delilah. My mannequin has been sweating all week waiting to shed some wool to slip into some summer cotton...ahhhh!

Three were missing from this photo of knit Niters here on Friday evening. (One was gone for ice cream, one on the way here and one taking the pic)

How long have I been wishing I could pull together a time, place and group of knitters to hang out together? Too long!

And it was over wayyyy too soon....this is me thinking we should start earlier next time if it suits everyone else.

Hey, and I learned many fun knit tricks and Rav facts. Hanging out with knitters is a really cool way to learn indeed. Love it.

If you want to join the fun let me know so I can try to find more seats! HD is off to the market to find furniture...xx for now it is a good idea to bring a spare with you if you come by car.
My breeze sock is just that...already at the toe decreases. It looks really weird in this photo...Chloé tried it on and it fits snug. My knitting tends to loosen up after a bath so here I am crossing my fingers that I have enough of this yarn to make the second one.

My pinwheel is almost ready for sleeves and all this yarn around me is gonna get the best of me I just know it. That gorgeous green Mulberry & Merino is itching to be knit up into that fab green Betty over at the Yarniad. I found some to die for patterns in the Katia books I have here too. I can't wait for the Fall stock to get here...just twitching!


Jean said...

How much fun you must be having now! That sock will go with so many summer colors - cool.

Clamille said...

Merci pour cette belle soirée! J`ai fais de belles connaissances et comptes bien y revenir dans les prochaines semaines!
Clamille xxx

Hilary said...

Fun, fun, fun! I wish I were nearby so I could join your wonderful group! :)

Anonymous said...

Limit 4 ppl only! Donna come to Hong Kong knit with me