Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey there Delilah

I have waited until the very last minute to move Delilah from my atelier at home to the shop window. She is all gussied-up for the first day.
She is like the official sign that we 'cast on' tomorrow for the rest of our lives! I will be blue haired and on life support should I ever have anything better to do than be in my yarn shop serving customers and sharing a passion for string.
The A/C is not on yet however the store front is boiling hot in the AM because of the sun in the window. I get hot just thinking about it.
Time to cast on some cool knits for the window display. Poor Delilah will hate me if I don't... hee! I think I was a little zealous about this. I may be over doing it.
The window is my favorite thing about the shop.
Dreamed of this for a decade. Le Sigh. Just ask Len...Of course, the shop looks nothing like I dreamed it would but this is what I could actually put together on a budget. Damn budget.
A very fun part of shopping for accessories was this little gem. Last Christmas, HD and I searched high and low to find a lovely sewing basket for one of Chloé's gifts. We found nothing that would suit her. I was really bummed about that. It was such a good gift idea!
Last week, I was flipping through a catalogue to find knitting baskets and found this one.
Chloé's birthday is this Friday (15th). She will be 9! This will be her very own sewing basket! Shhh... She is gonna flip. Hee!

I have been a stay at home Mum since Chloé was born. Gulp. What a difference around home...
Everyone has to pitch in and clean up... Pay back time! I love to see everybody moaning about doing chores. Honeymoons over chucky!
Oh! and I won the People's Choice Award for the OKG mitten challenge. Yay! I found a sweet note tucked inside my mittens from the judge. Apparently, my mittens were not the same size so that is why I lost out in my category. Oops! My gauge (is it a symptom of something that I can't spell the word 'gauge' without spell checker?) was wonky, I admit. I was in pain the whole time I knit those mittens. Anywho, it was fun to win a contest as the People's Choice. Merci Peeps!
I am crossing my fingers that I make it to the bank when it opens tomorrow and then make it to work before my courier arrives with more yarn...You never know what day the loot will arrive...driving me bonkers! See some of you soon! A.xx


Clamille said...

On se voit demain alors! J`y serai vers les 5h00-5h30... J`ai tellement hâte de voir cette boutique!
À demain!
Clamille xoxo

nicole said...

See you tonight! Can't wait!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I wish I could drop by on opening day! Enjoy every minute of it!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

Hope you have a fabulous Day! I'll be thinking of you. best wishes, Lucyxx

Hilary said...

Oh, it all looks so beautiful! I am so excited for you!!

Brenda said...

Hope you have a wonderful opening. Wish I lived closer and could be there. Where could I get the pattern for Delilah?

Anonymous said...

Best of luck for your grand opening! Will pop in on the next trip to the Ottawal. Looking forward to meeting you and discovering your boutique! Have a wonderful first day!! Elisabeth

Jean said...

I am so happy for you, may all your dreams come true. Your window display is so charming!