Friday, May 15, 2009

Go green

I thought of Hilary when I recieved this new stuff this morning. We both love green.
Speaking of green...I have made it a policy that I encourage my customers to bring their own shopping bag for buying yarn from me. I have some plastic shopping bags for emergencies but am charging for them.
Problem is: I keep forgetting to charge. doh! Oh well, just another part of the opening sale week...
I got some lovely flowers yesterday. I still have to trim the daisies to fit more properly inside the bucket of water. A serious lack of vases around my home at the moment. Merci Donna & Claire!

I love the card my sister gave me. I am very worried most of the time as she is forever telling me everything will be okay. The card says 'don't worry' in French. I love the sheep!
Thanks to everyone that has taken time out to come visit me.
Tonight is the first knit night. I expect Anneh and her socks any minute...bye! A.xx


Hilary said...

Ooooh....pretty, pretty green yarn....I am drooling! And thanks for thinking of me. :) Congratulations again on your shop opening and have fun at tonight's knit night!

anji jane said...

oh I love that colour. Wish I could visit your shop!

Sel and Poivre said...

Is that Mulberry & Merino in the gorgeous green?

As for bags - the Purple Purl here in Toronto has printed reusable bags - I know they are probably expensive to have made but what great advertising once they are out there!