Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A breeze

Pattern: Breeze Yarn: Online sock yarn Needles: 2mm Made for: Chloé

Have fallen in love with ankle socks! These in paticular because of the cool cabled heel flap!! Gotta love that. whistle.

The best part is using up vintage remains of loved sock yarns gone by.

This is much coveted Online sock yarn. Lost the band a really long time ago. I love this colourway and would give anything to have them make it again. Sigh.

Should I start a petition?

I am using 2mm needles in hopes to make them small enough for my 9 year old. She LOVES knit socks even in summer. She has been wearing clogs everywhere these days and loves to wear them with wool socks. Good girl!

My son Gage was put-out by the fact these were not for him this time. I promise to make him a pair of socks soon...(he doesn't even care what colour!)

I have some really cool summer stock in the shop. It takes a lot of will power to leave it on the shelf. Hiccup.


Hilary said...

Aww, it's always so nice to bestow knitted gifts on appreciative recipients! I can't wait until I have kids to knit for. :)

Jean said...

That is really cool yarn, the colors are fab. Ok, now I feel sorry for myself, no decent yarn stores withing 20 miles of me, maybe even 30 miles, I did hear of one in Santa Monica that I may go visit, but it is off of a very crowded LA freeway (sob). You are fortunate to have such an appreciative family - who love your knitting! As well as a dog whom I'm sure loves your knitting as well.