Saturday, May 23, 2009

-twas Friday

Laine de Bergère (the yarn shop) would be nothing without the great knitters! After one week, I have met some really cool knitters that make this big new episode of my life so much fun.

Here is the mermaid scarf made for the shop by Stephanie from 4 balls of Cantata cotton. Merci! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that she took time out of her work and knit week to make this for Delilah. My mannequin has been sweating all week waiting to shed some wool to slip into some summer cotton...ahhhh!

Three were missing from this photo of knit Niters here on Friday evening. (One was gone for ice cream, one on the way here and one taking the pic)

How long have I been wishing I could pull together a time, place and group of knitters to hang out together? Too long!

And it was over wayyyy too soon....this is me thinking we should start earlier next time if it suits everyone else.

Hey, and I learned many fun knit tricks and Rav facts. Hanging out with knitters is a really cool way to learn indeed. Love it.

If you want to join the fun let me know so I can try to find more seats! HD is off to the market to find furniture...xx for now it is a good idea to bring a spare with you if you come by car.
My breeze sock is just that...already at the toe decreases. It looks really weird in this photo...Chloé tried it on and it fits snug. My knitting tends to loosen up after a bath so here I am crossing my fingers that I have enough of this yarn to make the second one.

My pinwheel is almost ready for sleeves and all this yarn around me is gonna get the best of me I just know it. That gorgeous green Mulberry & Merino is itching to be knit up into that fab green Betty over at the Yarniad. I found some to die for patterns in the Katia books I have here too. I can't wait for the Fall stock to get here...just twitching!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A breeze

Pattern: Breeze Yarn: Online sock yarn Needles: 2mm Made for: Chloé

Have fallen in love with ankle socks! These in paticular because of the cool cabled heel flap!! Gotta love that. whistle.

The best part is using up vintage remains of loved sock yarns gone by.

This is much coveted Online sock yarn. Lost the band a really long time ago. I love this colourway and would give anything to have them make it again. Sigh.

Should I start a petition?

I am using 2mm needles in hopes to make them small enough for my 9 year old. She LOVES knit socks even in summer. She has been wearing clogs everywhere these days and loves to wear them with wool socks. Good girl!

My son Gage was put-out by the fact these were not for him this time. I promise to make him a pair of socks soon...(he doesn't even care what colour!)

I have some really cool summer stock in the shop. It takes a lot of will power to leave it on the shelf. Hiccup.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saying 'bon voyage'

Poune can't say it but she wonders where Mummy goes everyday. Len says she stays put until I get home.
He has tried everything to get her to eat or go pee but she only shivers or hangs out on her quilt.
When I get home, it's another story. Crazy Poune comes alive!
I have moved her food dish to my atelier so she can mow down her nummies while I blog and do paperwork. She seems to want me around for this event. (I am home for two days Poune, lets cuddle on the couch later. xx )

It rained buckets today. I had some special visitors at the shop. Donna and Ip popped in for a lesson and some shopping after having lunch at Pastina, yum. Ip wanted to see my shop before leaving the country on Tuesday.

Donna trying her hand at provisional crochet cast on for those Pinwheel cardi sleeves.

I finally get a picture of Ip's Pinwheel for the blog!!! Oh and I love all her cool bags too.

Ip trying to tie the silky thread to save her slipped stitches...

Adoring the alpaca...Ip loved my shelves of beige and grey...I can't wait to get some more colourful merino DK soon...

Ip is moving to Hong Kong on Tuesday. We are very sad to see her off but wish her luck and happiness!xx

We had fun posing for pictures on the store step after the rain storm. We had a great day. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me!

Things are settled in at the shop and now I can breath. In between praying for customers...
This is my knitting at the moment although I am aching to start a sock. Anneh kept me company (thanks!) at Knit Night on Friday evening and she is always knitting the coolest socks. This time a mystery KAL from Ravelry...Beeeautiful! I have to get busy. I must say, it was lovely to visit with her. We have been wanting to knit together for over a year. Le sigh.

In the background is my novelty yarn section. My sister hates this noyelty yarn. I laugh because it does look like somebody murdered the muppets...

I promised to post my hours as a button on the sidebar and haven't figured out how yet so I better get to it! bye bye A.xx

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go green

I thought of Hilary when I recieved this new stuff this morning. We both love green.
Speaking of green...I have made it a policy that I encourage my customers to bring their own shopping bag for buying yarn from me. I have some plastic shopping bags for emergencies but am charging for them.
Problem is: I keep forgetting to charge. doh! Oh well, just another part of the opening sale week...
I got some lovely flowers yesterday. I still have to trim the daisies to fit more properly inside the bucket of water. A serious lack of vases around my home at the moment. Merci Donna & Claire!

I love the card my sister gave me. I am very worried most of the time as she is forever telling me everything will be okay. The card says 'don't worry' in French. I love the sheep!
Thanks to everyone that has taken time out to come visit me.
Tonight is the first knit night. I expect Anneh and her socks any minute...bye! A.xx

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey there Delilah

I have waited until the very last minute to move Delilah from my atelier at home to the shop window. She is all gussied-up for the first day.
She is like the official sign that we 'cast on' tomorrow for the rest of our lives! I will be blue haired and on life support should I ever have anything better to do than be in my yarn shop serving customers and sharing a passion for string.
The A/C is not on yet however the store front is boiling hot in the AM because of the sun in the window. I get hot just thinking about it.
Time to cast on some cool knits for the window display. Poor Delilah will hate me if I don't... hee! I think I was a little zealous about this. I may be over doing it.
The window is my favorite thing about the shop.
Dreamed of this for a decade. Le Sigh. Just ask Len...Of course, the shop looks nothing like I dreamed it would but this is what I could actually put together on a budget. Damn budget.
A very fun part of shopping for accessories was this little gem. Last Christmas, HD and I searched high and low to find a lovely sewing basket for one of Chloé's gifts. We found nothing that would suit her. I was really bummed about that. It was such a good gift idea!
Last week, I was flipping through a catalogue to find knitting baskets and found this one.
Chloé's birthday is this Friday (15th). She will be 9! This will be her very own sewing basket! Shhh... She is gonna flip. Hee!

I have been a stay at home Mum since Chloé was born. Gulp. What a difference around home...
Everyone has to pitch in and clean up... Pay back time! I love to see everybody moaning about doing chores. Honeymoons over chucky!
Oh! and I won the People's Choice Award for the OKG mitten challenge. Yay! I found a sweet note tucked inside my mittens from the judge. Apparently, my mittens were not the same size so that is why I lost out in my category. Oops! My gauge (is it a symptom of something that I can't spell the word 'gauge' without spell checker?) was wonky, I admit. I was in pain the whole time I knit those mittens. Anywho, it was fun to win a contest as the People's Choice. Merci Peeps!
I am crossing my fingers that I make it to the bank when it opens tomorrow and then make it to work before my courier arrives with more yarn...You never know what day the loot will arrive...driving me bonkers! See some of you soon! A.xx

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ming & Coo

I have been too freaked out to blog (or knit) as of late...

I feel better now because some of the scary parts of opening shop are over. I am getting quite the education to say the least.

To celebrate, this is my first rainbow of 2009. My camera lens could not fathom the whole thing. Never gets old. A rainbow. I am six again.
Is it just me? The geese seem much bigger this year or perhaps they are hanging out closer to the house and so I see them better...? Turkeys man.

Last weekend, HD found this wooden shell shaped bowl at the public market. He thought it would be great for the shop to display yarn. I've trained him well. Merci!

I decided to put the alpaca/cashmere in it. Perfect fit.

Yesterday, I stocked my shelves with fresh summer sock yarns. Finally, a LYS that has lots of my-kind-of-sock yarn... I keep forgetting I am the reason for this. Hee!

Never have I ever wanted to be rich...but unlimited yarn money would be really nice to have now. I go to Montréal this Saturday to order my fall stock.

I adore this new-to-me baby bamboo/wool. The colour names are precious. Honeybun, coo, ming, happy... I wish I had this stuff when my wee folk were in diapers!

I set up my needle rack today. That was fun! I feel my knit shop mojo creeping back to me. I lost it when the stress was getting me down. Need to remember the inspiration behind all this. Breath. Even HD is catching the vibe. He keeps saying he wants to retire his chainsaw. Here is a secret... I would love a mate to knit with. That would confirm God got the memo!