Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Take a Notion

Latest sock (test knitting). Bergère de France sock pattern from a book designed for this yarn. I am offering a class on how to knit these argyle/beaded socks as a kit. The fun part is knitting them on two needles. The sewing up after could be a bit of a struggle for some.
I finished the duplicate stitching last night while watching Project Runway Canada. (For sewing inspiration)
Turning the heel in this pattern is crazy fun. Looks like I flattened it with a roller.

My lastest craze...Knitting Notion case à la Bergère I am so pleased! I've quilted this fabric for extra love. It is soft and smooshy.
My new Notion Case is to replace a very old friend. I made this one when I first learned how to thread my Mums sewing machine back in high school. I've always had a thing for bags. I do believe this was my first zipper project and my first attempt at beading too. A sad little turtle on the side there... I used to have a turtle tank in my room. Those were the days. No kids, no man just late nights reading Wuthering Heights and every moment not in school I would be riding my bike. Le Sigh.

I finished yet another piece for the Le Grand Plaid. The star. I've perfected my cast-off by knitting two together then binding off and my tension is much better these days.

Twilight Salad
My new salad recipe. It tastes like forbidden love. I watched Twilight last weekend. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. Now I must read all those books too.


Hilary said...

YES - read the Twilight books, you will not be sorry!! I absolutely love your sock AND your new notions bag!

Jean said...

oh la la! What a plethora of goodies your talented hands have brought forth. Love them all!!!