Sunday, April 19, 2009

One shelf at a time

I wasn't planning on working at the shop today. I decided that the shop will be closed on Sunday and Monday at least until my wee folk are big enough to manage without me. However, the sign maker called to say that they were ready to install the letters today (Sunday). Sigh. It is a good thing I am relatively flexible with my duties around here. I had finished my laundry and supper was in the slow cooker...truthfully, I was very anxious to SEE the words...

I am very pleased with it! I picked out the font for it and I think it is very Bergère.

I still cannot get used to the phone number. I have an unexplained fear that it won't work come the day the technician arrives to plug the cables etc. Gulp. At this point, I'm so freaked out that I can't remember when the number will actually work...Is it the day the cable guy comes or May 1st? Argh. I hope people understand it is a work in progress. I took this picture of the letters being applied to window. I nearly fainted when the last E was was in the car for some odd reason. It took a year off my life.
In any event, most of my shelves are moved in. Woolaine is looking very sad indeed. Tis all my fault...! Ivy tagged along today to see the shop for the first time and lend some elbow grease. We got finished scrubbing the front room shelves. I hate to think of the nasty pile of glass I have yet to clean and polish to complete the boxes...eeh!

My mascots are waiting by the door to greet knitters and spinners alike. I am still working on placing everything. The shop is tiny.

I scrubbed them too! Although I am taking the photo and that is why I am not washing in this pic. I am blogging this from my laptop for the first time. I was too cheap to buy a mouse but it is the first thing I invest in when the money rolls in. It's like driving an automatic after you've been accustomed to a stick. I keep reaching for me mousey thingy...haha!

Oh, by the way, I enjoyed my reversible knitting class yesterday in Ottawa. I did not take a picture of my swatches. Too pooped to be honest! It was great fun to spend the afternoon with knitters. I always love that. Jeannine was there! Allô Jeannine!! I really enjoyed seeing some of my fellow Guilders. Since I've been working for the library, I am too occupied to visit. I miss everyone.

I came home and a big bag of Pogo's wool was waiting at the front door. Got to LOVE that! Thank you Mr. Dhérouville!!

I plan on spinning at the shop. I hope I can encourage spinners to come with their wheel as well as knitters on Knit Night!

Please send me any yarn suggestions. There are so many yarns in the world that I am beside myself at this point. I am starting with the stuff that Woolaine clients love because I am continuing what Claire had going...but I hope to add some other cool stuff.

Well, this is my update for now. I am opening in May but can't pin point a date at this point. I am about to declare the shop hours too.

I can't wait for the conclusion of Little Dorrit tonight! Charles Dickens on PBS. I Love this series!! I am dying to read the book. My list goes on and on...
Have a great week everyone! A.xx


Paula said...

I will love you forever if you will carry Zitron Trekking XXL sock yarn. No one has it in Ottawa.

Jean said...

I love the lettering on your window, very charming. It will be fun to see photos of the cubbys and the yarn they hold. I do hope spinners drop into your shop as well.

Hilary said...

Your window looks wonderful -- the font is perfect!! Oh how looks like things are really coming along!

I am LOVING Little Dorrit! I think the conclusion of the series won't air for me until next week. I was so excited to watch it last night, but then the signal was all messed up and all I got was audio! It's ok though...I set it to tape a later showing so I'll get to watch it tonight. Speaking of PBS Dickens adaptations...did you see Bleak House a few years ago? It may be my all time favorite Masterpiece Theatre series. It was brilliant, just like the book!

a faerie finder said...

LOVE it!!! the shop is looking BRILLIANT!
the lettering is absolutely perfect.
wish i could come to opening day.. just a little too far away :(

Clamille said...

Ouf! Beau travail!!! Continue, ça avance très bien!!!
Clamille xoxo

nicole said...

Wow Aline, it's really real! You've got a yarn shop! I am SO excited for you. The lettering is SO pretty! And the shop looks so full of light. I can't wait to come see!

I can think of a TON of yarn I'd love you to carry. But I don't want to overwhelm you with a crazy list. It would be great to see some things that no one else carries in Ottawa/Gatineau region. Companies like Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Dream in Colour, Blue Skies Alpaca, The Fibre Company, ShibuiKnits, Madelinetosh, Kauni, Beaverslide Dry Goods, Habu....

A lot of this stuff is higher end (my dad always said I had champagne tastes on a beer budget), but it would give you a chance to offer something unique in Ottawa.

Of course, there's always good old Noro, Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp, Berroco and Mmmmmmalabrigo! They'll always bring the crazies like me in.

Carmen said...

Oh...Habu! Nice, nice lettering, Bergère! I can hardly wait to "come visit"!!!!

Alison said...

This is me being a random internet commenter...

If you got Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Malabrigo I would not be able to stay away!

Best of luck with your shop, it looks lovely.

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

wow...looks like being a wonderful shop. Very clean and pro. Bet you can't wait to get in. Good luck and looking forward to more photos of your scrummy wool stock. Lucyxx