Friday, April 17, 2009

Knitting a home

Over the Easter holiday we worked on our pinwheels (Donna and I).

We each have a turtle shell to wear!

I have been soooo busy setting up the knit shop that I have completely abandoned my needles. Too tired when I crash onto the sofa in the evenings. I keep falling asleep with the t.v. on. hiccup. HD comforts me when he says knitting is my job now...lots of time for that from now on. yay!

As for the knit shop, it is coming along nicely. The paper work might get the best of me yet. I signed so many papers by now, I am afraid I might be married to the lady that set up my bank account. ? It is a very odd sight to see Woolaine taken apart. Even more odd because part of the shelves are now mine!

My shop has most of its shelves in place. I am sorting out all the extra bits that take forever and cost a fortune.
Pictures of Laine de Bergère should start to appear by the end of the month... Keeping it to myself for now...all mine...moo ha ha!


kate said...

I can't wait to see the new store! I do hope I'm on the grand opening list! It looks simply fabulous!!

nicole said...

Me too! I want to be there at the ribbon cutting ceremony!


Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Ah ça prend forme, vivement la suite !

Clamille said...

Hé! Hé! C`est la boutique que j`aime aller visiter! J`ai vraiment hâte de voir TA BOUTIQUE à toi!!!! Continues de nous tenir au courant de ton avancement, c`est vraiment intéressant!
Clamille xoxo