Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love my job

I spent a brain liquifying 8 hours the other day, shopping for wool and at one point stopped for a breath and realized, man, this is my job now. Sheesh. I think God finally got the memo (bottom of the inbox). These two girls will be the shop mascots to match my logo of Frieda and Rhubarbe. A gift from Lynda and Guillaume. xx

Walking the dog with Pepper (Chloé) the other day. She was wearing her Tabby scarf since this Spring weather is perfect for a smooshy merino scarf. Just right.

My friend Lynda taught me how to make my own jerky! Her husband hunts Moose and she makes jerky for packing in the kids lunches. It is delicious and easy to do.

After marinating and dabbing off the extra EVOO you dehydrate the meat slices in the Excaliber Dehydrating oven. Ta Da!

I borrowed her machine and made strawberry and apples slices for breakfast.

We look forward to dehydrating wild garlic leaves...yum!

Knitting will hopefully pick up now that my new needles have arrived. I ran out of space on my cable for the Pinwheel. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and my sister Donna is coming over for din-din. We are roasting a Leg-O-lamb with mint sauce and veggies.
We should get some stitches done at some point.
Next week, I start to move into my new home shop. Pictures will follow.


Anonymous said...

Maintenant que tu ajoutes Business Woman à tes autres titres tes journées ne seront pas assez longues. Tu es remplie d'energie et tout va entrer dans l'ordre. Bonne chance.
Joyeuses Pâques avec Donna,ton DH et tes beaux enfants. DouceAubergine

Jean said...

Its exciting to see a new yarn shop beginning to bloom. I shall follow your blog with anticipation. It will be loads for fun for you. Wish I were in area, I would want to be the first customer thru the door.

Knitacious said...

Congratulations on your new venture Aline. Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing about your grand opening!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

Hope you had a lovely dinner. Looking forward to seeing those photos and yarn!! will you do a website too? Lucyxx