Monday, March 9, 2009

Yours truly, Gibou

I have a thing for owls. I am not one to collect figurines but these two birds had empty shelves to grace in my kitchen. I love 'em.

In the summer months, you will find me at the flea market in Lachute where I found these...among other valuables I deeply cherish..xx

My Papa is one of those that gives everyone a nickname or two. My first nickname as a baby was 'Hibou'. He pronounced it as Gibou which was the lovey-way he used to say it. Le sigh.

Hibou is the french word for owl. Apparently, my big eyes and tiny mouth reminded him of an owl and that is what he came up with!

Anywho, I am thrilled to discover the many knitters of Ravelry who also love owls and generously share patterns that I hope to get around to knitting.

I have been so 'mums the word' lately... Whispering About Bliss is waiting for new DPN needles. How is it, I only have one pair of crappy 4.5 mm dpn needles that are made of suspicious mystery material that is heavy as lead??? Too heavy for my lace weight yarn. I used them for sleeve one and it was torture to both yarn and Bergère.

As I am waiting for the new slick bamboo pair to arrive...tick-tick-tick... I have been knitting swatches for my next batch of knitting classes for socks/mitts.

This is the BEST JOB EVER! I don't mind putting in over time. hiccup. Ah and those Bergère de France patterns are to die for. I need a mother load of self discipline. The sultry weather is coming and I heart romantic knits. If you like the link above it is what Tricot Darquise is all about. 10 minutes from my house. Dangerous combo.


a faerie finder said...

yay cute owls! hoot hoot!

Susan said...

That purple mini-dress is just about the cutest thing I have EVER seen. I suppose the pattern is only in French, though... zut alors!