Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whispering about Bliss

Whisper Cardigan

Interweave Knits Spring 2009
Hannah Fetig design
Size: S/M
Yarn: less than 200 grams of homespun 2 ply lace wt merino/Jacob fleece from my own chocolate lamb (Freida Clavelle)
Wheel: Little Gem II Majacraft NZ
Needles: 4.5 mm DPNs, 3.5mm circs, 2.75 mm circs.
Modeling: 'Delilah' the vintage dressform
Mods: I picked up less stitches around the back. I lengthened the back and stopped the front side increases at one point and continued the remaining rows to the end.

What can I say? It pays to wait for just the right design to come along.
I jumped the queue the minute I saw this pattern. Perfect match made in heaven for my precious Freida homespun. It was a dream to knit with. I am ever so proud of myself for the lovely way I kept my spinning consistant throughout the 100s of meters. A very long process from first clipping of lamb to finished project. This fleece is more typically merino quality. I hand combed each loch of wool before spinning. Endless hours of hand picking the vegetable matter away. Sheesh. I need a nap just thinking about it.
Thank you 'Delilah' for coming out of storage to model this cardi for me. hee!

I wanted to mention that I visited 'Pogo' yesterday. He has gotten so much bigger! Now that he is not contending with Kounie at mealtime he has gotten alot bigger. His horns are huge. He is still very handsome and quiet although Mr. Dhérouville says he is not to be trusted. A ram can be very dangerous! I really hoped he would remember first he ignored me all together until I asked him where 'Mimosa' was. Upon hearing his twin sisters name he looked straight at me for a long moment and then he gave me the old familiar 'Clint Eastwood' squint he used to sport when he was mine. Ahhh! I honestly felt that we connected.
The best part of this visit, I am being given his fleece!! Mr. Dhérouville was giving it away and asked me if I was interested. I promised to knit him a pair of socks.

P.s. it feels really good to finally have a new knit for the blog sidebar.


Susan said...

I'd love to see this on *you*, as charming as Delilah is.

nicole said...

Yes, yes, a modeled shot please! It does look very lovely and makes me want to knit one for myself!

Ip said...


The Fairy Shoemaker said...

No wonder you are so chuffed at how it turned out. Its the perfect colour for ME! I must make a chocolate brown cardi now after seeing this beauty. As ever beautiful work Aline. Whats planned next... cant wait to see!
Ren xx

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

looks fabulous. Only wish I could knit so fast and so well. Can't wait to see the socks too! Lucyxx

Anonymous said...

Bravo pour ton chandail. Il est magnigique. J'ai vu le patron dans IK hier. Je crois que je vais retourner acheter le magazine. J'ai aussi de la laine filée. Je vais donc tenter ma chance.
Je suis ton blog depuis q.q. temps. Après l' atelier de samedi je saurais comment ajouter ma photo et tu me reconnaîtras. Bonne journée.

Hilary said...

Gorgeous!! And why are YOU not modeling it?! It must feel so wonderful and special to take something from the lamb all the way through to a knitted sweater. Amazing!

emileeknits said...

It's lovely!