Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Silver is the lining

Upon reading a post today from Sel & Poivre I was delighted to read that I am the grateful recipient of this award. I have been snoopy dancing all over the house since...Merci!

What a lovely day full of sun and fun it is.
I took a trip with my girls (they are on March break) to the Ontario side of the river to have a quick snack and a much coveted visit to Wool n' Things. I rarely visit this shop because it is rather out of my way should I drive to the nearest way of ferry it is closer but it dips into my yarn money...what is a gal to do? We took the ferry because it is fun once in awhile anyway.

Upon parking my Saturn in front of the shop, I could not get my car key out of the ignition. I could shut the motor but not turn the key to 0 and remove it. I had to dash in and back out so as not to get my car stolen or kill the battery. Ack!

This was a blessing because the short list of yarn (for famous bluebell knickers no less) was a brown bill minus some change. Good thing I am working part time again. I have my suspicion that HD has rigged my ignition to fail come close to lush wool shops...but I am probably just paranoid. You think?

Then off to the Fabric store to find my zips but not without falling in love with next years potential wardrobe fabrics. Watching Ghost Whisperer gets me aching for trench coats and romantic blouses.
Look what followed me said it knew a thing or two about ignitions...ya right!
A must have chiffon.
The print reminds me of a romantic picture I recently admired in a room that was warm and romantic. A bouquet of pansy flowers. I love the French word for them: des 'pensées'. Lovely thoughts.

Lainage chevron
This was a sweet bonus price. 3 meters for 1. I see myself in a short coat made of this fabric. I did not bother to choose a lining today. I was too tempted to make a mistake. On the drive home the solution was clear. Silver. I will line this coat with a thick silver fabric. It will be perfect!
My sister gave me a Burda fashion magazine and honestly I want to sew each and every outfit in it!
Mostly knitting though; My Whispering about bliss cardigan is progressing. I am glad to have this on my lap as it happens. You see, it reminds me a lot of my recent history as la Bergère. This is the lambing season time of year. My woolly girls would all be having their babies about now. Last year at this time, I spent as a mid wife of sorts. They were very able to do it on their own mind you, but I was there just the same to coo and make them comfy with fresh hay... Ooh I miss my Emma Koonie, Rhubarbe, Mimz, Frieda and others. Le sigh.

Cuddling up with Freida's yarn is like sharing a cup of Earl Grey with a friend. I miss them.
P.s. the Monday afternoon knit class was a success this week. Everyone is learning including me. I have a wonderful opportunity to teach a new class starting March 11. This time I am teaching sock knitting techniques. I am preparing the kits and already have 5 names on my list since last Friday afternoon! Tricot Darquise is awaiting a shipment of Briggs & Little. The shop will carry this yarn now and I am so pleased. My 'Le Grand Plaid' blanket is made with it and I love the stuff. It smells like clean sheep.


nicole said...

What a lovely post! Your fabric is pretty, and I can't wait to see what comes out of your Wool n'Things purchases. I too try to avoid going there as much as possible for fear of having to remortgage the house. But Briggs and Little is always a lovely budget-conscious alternative. I'm head-over heels in love with the smell too!

Susan said...

I've been thinking about getting more into garment sewing (taking classes, buying a serger) and your lovely fabric is certainly feeding my flames.

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Tes tissus sont superbes ! C'est amusant, dimanche je suis allée à une grosse expo-vente de tissus au Luxembourg, j'en ai rapporté aussi...

Susan said...

I just started getting Burda magazines and they are fabulous. I traced and cut out fabric for my first Burda project last night!