Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Pinwheel KAL has begun!

Donna, Ip and myself have decided to collectively knit the Pinwheel Cardigan designed by Shelley Mackie. The pattern is free at this link. We wanted to start this last December but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and here we are end of March. Go man go.

I like to use a solid colour for the entire cardigan. Of course, I picked orange and in keeping with that, my Ravelry name for this project will be Cracker Barrel. I've fond memories of this Kraft product (cheese ball)and thought that this sweater would be a cozy old friend to curl up with like a slice of cheese when you get the munchies. What I love most about this design is that it is very versatile for all body types as you will see when this KAL progress'.

This knits up so fast that I am already half through the pie since casting on after dinner yesterday. Hiccup. Of course, I've made this sweater before. I used baby yarn last time and now am breezing through with worsted wt Galway...yum!

A little help for my friends: When you start, you need to cast on 8 stitches. You slip these onto three needles following the pattern carefully and join in the round using the fourth needle and increasing one knitwise every stitch by knitting into the front and back of each stitch (each stitch has two legs; use them both!) before slipping it off the needle as one.

Working with DPNs can be a pain if you are not accustomed when working so few stitches at first but it grows really fast and next thing you know, you are already cruising along on Circulars. Hang on it is worth it.
I hope this is enough help to get you guys started...I'm just a phone call or email away. xx


Jean said...

Orange is such a jolly color. I'm sure it will turn heads as you pass by. Can't hardly wait to see your next post. Hope your classes are going well.

Ip said...

I don't know why I made a anticlockwise one.