Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My wee Pearl is 15

This little baby girl is 15 today!

One of my greatest achievements. She knits too!

We had a lovely meal in honour of our resident teenager followed by a really good cake.

The wee folk went shopping with Papa for gifts... I was very intrigued by those tiny parcels...

Chloé (8) wrapped a toonie from her allowance!

A scene straight from Little Women I think...tsk tsk

You can tell by the expression that this thought is what really counts. Awww.

Gage gave her a box of chocolate that I think he was rather sorry to give away. Don't worry, his birthday is on Saturday.

Bonne Fête ma belle chérie

Je t'aime xx


Hilary said...

Happy birthday to your girl! What sweet gifts from your other kids. :)

nicole said...

Bonne fête Ivy!