Thursday, March 12, 2009

The money should follow

I am doing what I love...
I am almost to the second sleeve on my Whispering about Bliss. I am holding back because I wanted new DPNs and they haven't arrived yet.
My new sock is one I've cast on with my sock class students.
I love meeting new people that want to learn how to knit!

I look like a chipmunk in a peanut factory.

happy place - happy place - happy place

We had fun (although I am going to get somebody in the mall admin office to put better music on the blower). Man that music was bad.

Thanks to Darquise for lending me the space and giving me a crack at this! xx


Alpagalilly said...

C'était très plaisant! Tu es vraiment dans ton élément. Je te souhaite longue vie et beaucoup de plaisir dans ce nouveau travail.


nicole said...

Look at you! You already look like an old pro (not saying you look old, mind you!)