Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Knitting a kayak?

Whisper is a funny looking piece of knitting but it's definitely coming along fast. It looks like a floating device every which way I place it.

I can't wait to try it on. Decent photo will follow...

I have a new sock class idea brewing on the sidelines. It is an argyle pair knit on two needles. Opportunity to teach how to sew up an invisible seam. There is beadwork to this pattern too!
A lovely little bead store has opened next to the yarn shop so this works out well for both owners.

This morning, I sat with my coffee and counted out the 88 seed beads I need to make my test pair. The main yarn is an aubergine colour and the contrast will be apple green and light blue with cobalt beads.

HD went to the store this morning and found me this perfect little whiteboard that I can use as visual aid tonight when trying to explain the smaller knitting details to a group around the table. I can't wait!

Yesterday I went into a frenzy because I noticed that I was missing the fourth bamboo to my plain sock knitting needles for tonights class.
I knit in the family room so I turned it inside out. The dog loves this because I move the sofas and she eats the popcorn that rolled under there since the last time I cleaned up.
I am starting to notice a pattern...
I like to knit with four of the five needles in the package for plain socks. I only use five bamboos when doing lace socks. Even though I have the fifth bamboo to rely on, it really annoys me to loose something this important. Thankfully, I found it this morning under Mr. Clavier. I came across the new Piecework mag and remembered I wanted to share this with you!
I enjoyed this issue because it had some really touching quotes from knitters of the Civil War. Knitting socks was apparently the way of breaking the ice to find a husband in those days. This passage from page 24 "Notes Found in Civil War Socks" made me smile: 'My Dear Boy, - I have knit these socks expressly for you. How do you like them? How do you look, and where do you live when you are at home? I am nineteen years old, of medium height, of slight build, with blue eyes, fair complexion, light hair, and a good deal of it. Write and tell me all about yourself, and how you get on in the hospitals. Direct to ___. P.S. If the recipient of these socks has a wife, will he please exchange socks with some poor fellow not so fortunate?'

I wonder how long it would take today to snag yourself a mate using the old note in the knit sock trick?

Before I go...I tried a Beef Stroganoff recipe last night that was Gage approved. I substituted the beef for moose and the tomato paste for a half can of Aylmers Tomato soup (all I had on hand). If you ever make Hamburger Helper Stroganoff and like it, this recipe is just as fast and no MSG!
Enjoy xx

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Hilary said...

The Civil War era sock note is so sweet! I feel lucky to have found my husband at work, not ever having to resort to the "note in the sock trick"! :)