Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss Me Blarney!

I have the freckles to prove that at least part of me is Irish. Another part of me is French and yet another part is Aboriginal. Just a Heinz 57 really... I am so short that I can't imagine where I store all that history but at least I get the fun of celebrating just about every special occasion. Yahoo!
My current love-knit is about as photogenic as a shinny black lab puppy.
I am presently picking up stitches from one arm pit to another. I am going to be the boss of my knitting and pick up as many or as few stitches as I see fit. The pattern I have decided to use only as a guideline. I call it 'Pirate knitting'.

HD had planned for a road trip today. We had to postpone it yet again and so I took the sudden hole in my schedule as an opportunity to take random photos in my house of everything stitchy and green that is special to me on this day.
My sock class heel knitting is sitting on Mr. Clavier (he needs a lick and a promise). Mr. Clavier is my keys to the blog world. I type 100 words/minute and LOVE IT! It comes in very handy as a blogger extraordinaire (self proclaimed, snort! Feeling plucky today, part of me is half drunk you see...) Hey, note the cute turtle stitch markers coming in real handy here. Next, a very appropriate sock yarn for March. Lucky by Socks that Rock. I just might cast this on today. hum.

I found this vintage soap mat at my local friperie. (snazzy french word for second hand store). I use it by the bathroom tap. Keeps slippery soap in place and looks so darn cute.

Then there is my spindle. Very much a lonely item in my home. Sorry! I have a gorgeous green soft as a dream wool roving in progress. My darling little Chloé has green eyes and I imagine knitting a lacy shawl for her one day.

This little hemp bag has some green crochet. I found this in a boutique in the Byward Market in Ottawa. I LOVE this market. I don't spend nearly enough time there. As the wee folk get older, that will change. The boutique is likely gone now...however this bag I use for carrying my spindle. A perfect match.

This pendant is made of wool! My friend Claire made this. She loves to create art with felt. Very cool! I fell in love with it and I have made another one of red wool that I should dig up and finish. hiccup. Note the pretty green stone and bead detail. Yum! Well, there you have it. A little green love from me to you on this day. Enjoy it. Hugs xx


Hilary said...

Pirate knitting -- I love it! Thanks for sharing all your lovely green images. :)

Jean said...

Paddy would have been proud, all that green around. You are a free spirit!(By the way I have quite a few continents in me as well, including Irish) and good things come in small packages (I am petite as well). Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Paddy's Day...Top of the morning to you...if see that you improvise with your meals and show great originality. Is all the wool from your sheep?