Thursday, March 26, 2009

A girl and her pearls

The hook and eye business just wasn't happening for this blouse. I found some dainty pearl buttons to do the trick.

Here are two swatches I'm blocking for knit class. Every little stitch counts for knitting when you love to blog. These swatches I knit up for teaching students how to follow the stitch dictionary. Many wannabe knitters state they can't follow a pattern. I don't let that discourage me. This way, I teach them the tricks to understand the formula behind the asterisks, and the reason for multiples of X plus a number.

Class is going well. Everyone is turning a heel and picking up stitches. I have enjoyed teaching my students how to read the knit fabric they are making. When I point out an increase they look at me like I've just walked on water. Too funny!

In response to popular demand, voilà La Bergère wearing the Whisper cardi and the new blouse in the flesh . The colour of the blouse is a little off in this photo but you get the jist of it. I wore it to class last night and the buttons didn't all fly open on me which was a small concern of mine... The Whisper Cardi is not designed to hide boobs. Gulp.

P.s. Hannah Fetig faved my Whispering about Bliss on Ravelry. I can die now...le sigh. Merci Hannah!


Hilary said...

They both look so pretty on you! The open-ness of the cardigan will be perfect for spring.

Susan said...

They're beautiful, Aline. Well done.

Jean said...

The top is perfect for summer, worn with a pair of jeans or a white lace skirt - very refreshing. Thanks for indulging us and modeling your new creations. Cardi looks so soft, great for when things warm up a bit for you.

nicole said...

Working it! Looks so pretty!

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

As you know I love mannequins but your cardi looks absolutely gorgeous on the real model! Lucyxx