Sunday, March 15, 2009

de Baskerville says 'hi'

I promised both myself and Spoo-girl that as soon as the weather warmed up enough for Poune to take walks without freezing her toes we would walk our butts off. It is great to get out and shed some arse.

Today, we went for the longest hike ever. This time we walked all the way to the 5eme rang passed the orchard and horse ranch.
Note to self: the horse ranch has an unleashed black hound de Baskerville. groan.
The-unleashed-cross-snarling-leaping beasts (every farm seems to have one) cut my walks short. This annoys me to no end. grrr. I do believe there is a law about keeping your dog under control. Mine is.

I always wish in my heart that the horses will see me and come to the fence for a visit like they do in apple season. I saw a black one today break into a race as if to say 'Look at me!' 'What a handsome creature I am.'
Be still my heart.

One of my favorite spots along the way is the deep ditch. A creek lives there. This gully is murder to ride on my bike. hef-hef-hef. I exhaust myself. However, on foot, it is charming to peek over the rail and admire the pretty creek in every season. Today it shows signs of awakening.

I am turning a heel for teaching purposes. I am polishing off my second sleeve of Whisper. My blanket naps in my canvas tote. Not very productive. Where does the time go?


Jean said...

Such wonderful posts, I've missed my blogs and felt like I've been apart from friends. Proud of you with your teaching. Just keep taking new paths, they will lead you to wonderful surprises, the discoveries will strengthen and enrich your life.

The Fairy Shoemaker said...

Blanket asleep in a bag... whatever next! Wake it up Aline and make it grow!!!! Ive been drawn back to blogland and missed everyones snippets of news. Also I just HAVE to share my knitting with someone!!!
Ren xxx

Anonymous said...

Pretty pic ....