Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breaking News...

This is Kermit the frog reporting for Sesame Street news... snort! (I love saying that...tsk)
I've already posted this morning but my head is over flowing with ideas and work and I totally forgot to include the cute gift I got yesterday.
My friend Lynda is privy to the fact that I love Turtles (rah rah rah). She made these stitch markers for me. These are perfect. Little Raoul's for skinny needles. (Raoul was the name of my turtle when I was a teen). Skinny needle stitch markers are awesome because it is my yarn of choice and all the stitch markers I own that are oh so pretty mostly have big honkin' rings that flop around in the most annoying fashion. Thus I reserve them for chunky knits which is a blue moon thing. I have oodles of boring rings that get the job done so I wouldn't necessarily pamper myself like this which makes this treat really nifty. Merci Lynda!!

This next bullet is for Susan. The Snatam Kaur Concert is coming back to Ottawa this Spring on May 3, 2009. I am sooo looking forward to this! This is awesome for the constitution. I need a tune up. It has been a long year. Turn up your speakers if you check out the links. The music is so beautiful. I play her CDs in the house and cottage and it is fabulous.

Do you remember me going on and on about my sheep? You might remember I sold my ram (Pogo) to the neighbour down the road. They called today to say that he is the proud papa of twins born this morning. Yay! I wonder if he would remember me if I went to have a peek at the lambs? Good to know he got the 'job' done. hee hee...

La Bergère reporting from Lochaber Ouest, back to you Lloyd!

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Susan said...

You're obviously going to the concert... I'd love to go with you!