Monday, February 2, 2009

Today I met Robin Hood in the Woods

From my office at home, all I can see of my bergamot garden are their little bulb heads wearing a snow cap.

This is the pathway from the office to the shop...
This February is very beautiful here in Canadian country.
I am a skiier by day and knitter by night...

Almost daily, I go for a ski along my trail and enjoy the feeling of being alone. The crack of frozen wood being swayed by slight wind is all I hear.
The forest is warmer than the open space of the river I cross to get there. I often hurry across the bay to get to the warmer enchanted woods where I feel sheltered and content.

Today, I saw something new. Funny little wooden boxes with a rat trap inside all set to go off if a creature tries to steal the bait. Little pieces of dried meat or corn.

Along I went hoping to myself that I wouldn't come across a trap with a wounded furry creature clinging to it. That would ruin my peace.

Suddenly, appears a yellow skidoo. Mr. Trapper stops to greet me. He has a gun slung on his back and a sled full of little boxes and a pair of snowshoes. We chat a little about the traps. He is very kind and explains that Mr & Mrs Wolf were actually Coyote and he trapped several of them this winter. Mr. Trapper catches beaver, muskrat, mink and white ferret.

Deeper into the woods I see many tracks. Some from Mr. Trapper and some are animal. I saw a squirrel playing statue in a tree. I called to him but he would not budge. His furry tail wiggled in the breeze. I told him to watch out for the dude with a gun and those traps.

I on the other hand, am armed with two ski poles and porridge breath.

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