Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Song

Earlier this week, I paid a rare visit to the mall in Buckingham and stumbled upon a newly opened yarn shop.

I nearly dropped to the floor and wept.
-10 minutes from my house
-I could get there on my bike
-Bergère de France
-Misti Alpaca
-A table for knitting classes

Am I going to die or what? The store was closed the day I found it.
I checked the store hours and made a date with myself for a visit back by the end of the week.

Today, with my sheep vest on and my catnip scarf in my purse, I headed over there to meet the lovely owner. I brought some cash because I knew there was a skein of sock wool in the store window waiting for its Valentine. (I saw him checkin' me out that day I found the store)

Meet my new love...'lune bleue' Opal Picture sock yarn from Bergère de France. I have never knit with Bergère de France and am thrilled that such quality yarn is now available to me without shipping and duty. Here is the shop business card in case you are dropping by La petite Nation anytime. It is breathtakingly lovely here in the warmer months.

What is going on in the universe? I half expect to win the lottery next!

It being Valentine's Day tomorrow, the radio is playing non stop love songs and I am a real sucker for most of them. Needless to say, life is good to me.

My new issue of Interweave Knits arrived and I really like the whisper cardigan. I think this pattern would be perfect for my Frieda homespun. This is my precious chocolate brown lace wt made from my beloved Frieda ewe fleece. She was a mix breed but her Papa (Wes) was a pure Merino and my beloved girl inherited the fine merino quality of her Dad's wool. I have had spinners have a look at this skein and they were shocked it wasn't pure Merino breed! (She was half Jacob-Merino mix) Anywho, suffice it to say that this is CORE stash. I want something special and lovely to come of it. (Before the moths find it) Hubness wanted a sweater of our sheep fleece but I decided against knitting him a sweater of this one. I would be a very old gal by the time I knit enough stockinette around him with this fine stuff! Note to self, spin thicker yarn honey.
You will likely find me at said LYS from now on. I have asked permission to sit and spin for visitors.


Lucette said...

What a great adventure you have had.

Jean said...

Oh how lovely to have a store so close by, the only decent yarn store was about 20 miles away from me, but now it is only on the internet. There is another one about the same distance, but there is literally no assistance and the store is so chock full I can't find anything! Your's sounds lovely, I miss having a place to sit and knit with others of my kind. Your stories about your sheep really touch my heart. Your homespun is so precious.

Sel and Poivre said...

High times chez Laine de Bergère!

nicole said...

Whoohoo! New yarn store. I might have to find an excuse to head over to Buckingham.

I think your handspun would be delish for that whisper cardi. It's a great design, "worthy" of such special yarn!